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Flow’s Zen Buggy

Zen Buggy

*Update below where Flow answers some questions and includes more photos Hi, my name is Flow and I live in Humboldt county. I thought you might enjoy a peek at my new Gypsy wagon a friend and I created this summer. Designed and built in northern California using as many reclaimed woods as possible, Douglas […]

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Towable Gypsy Wagon

Darrel Schultz is building a light towable gypsy wagon. The floor is 12 feet long and 54 inches wide. The roof overhangs each end by about 16 inches. It’s totally scratch-built from the fram up, as the pictures show. I used a Dexter torsion-bar axle with electric brakes. Darrel likes keeping things simple, so there […]

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George’s Mini Vardo Update

Back in January George one of my readers shared his vardo project that he was in the process of building. Recently George sent me an update on his completed vardo and shared that he had been using it regularly. Following is an update from George. This is my home-built trailer using classic and modern building […]

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