Tongue & Groove Tiny Home and Tavern

If you ever dreamed of running your own bar, you can now park one right next to your tiny house. Tongue & Groove Tiny Homes in Bend, Oregon offer both tiny homes and their tiny 8×20 foot tavern.


Jesse Russell and Kit Blackwelder run Tongue & Groove Tiny Homes. The 170 square foot Hiatus tiny house launched the company and features an exterior finish of blue pine milled right in Bend. The house also features birch plywood interior finishing, a roomy loft, gables, a French door and composting toilet.



TongueandGroove-TinyHouse-living2 TongueandGroove-TinyHouse-living TongueandGroove-TinyHouse-living3

The Tiny Tavern is built on an 8×20 foot trailer and is about 10 feet tall. It not only provides a fun entrepreneurial opportunity, but it also offers shelter for party and special event guests. The Tavern includes six swing out barstools, a serving window, full service bar, folding beer pong table, a cornhole game, a Kan Jam disc game and a washing station.


Tongue & Groove are offering the Tiny Tavern for special events for $750 a day with a $200 local delivery and setup option.

Photos by Tongue & Groove Tiny Homes

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Mike Chesney - February 7, 2017 Reply

This review is difficult to write because I was really looking forward to working with Jesse the owner. What follows is an honest accounting of my experience with this company;
I found out about Tongue & Groove by reading an article in one of the local papers. I went to the website to learn more and noticed that they offered handyman service as well so I contacted Jesse in December to see if he would be interested in doing a pocket door install in our master bath.
Jesse came to the house, looked at the project and provided a bid that was very reasonable so we called him back and made a deal to go ahead with the project.
The next communication we had with Jesse was an email saying, “I’m sorry but I can’t do your project, I have to build a mobile pub for 10-Barrel”– Not, “can you wait on your project until I get this done”…nothing!
I called Jesse and told him it would be ok for him to do the 10-barrel project if he could get started on ours in February as promised. “No problem he said”
February 6th, 2017 and again, no communication from Jesse, so I send over another email asking what his timeline is to get started on our project. AGAIN…he tells me 10-Barrel wants another pub so I’m sorry, I can’t do your project until April now.
Now I’m upset! I realize our project is small but what happened to people honoring their commitments? It was a small job that would have taken him 2-3 days max.
It’s a sad day when contractors can accept a job only to get a better deal and kick you to the curb. Very disappointed in Jesse and I wouldn’t recommend contacting these guys for anything less than building a rolling bar, I think their probably pretty good at getting that done, even at the expense of others.

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