Tiny Green Cabins

Inspired by David Thoreau and energized by the opportunity to live a more sustainable and simple life, Jim Wilkins of St. Paul, Minnesota, has designed and built several tiny green cabins available for sale.

Each of these cabins have been developed to be multi-purpose, eco-friendly, transportable and stylish.

Tiny Green Cabins are earth friendly cabins ranging in size from 48 square feet to 252 square feet.

The Wildflower cabin is 120 square feet and built with green certified materials and reclaimed products as well as recycled materials. The walls and the floor are insulated with Soft Touch Cotton insulation made from recycled blue jeans.


The 8×18 foot Wildflower cabin base price is $19,900. Several options are included such as pine or cedar paneling, a propane fireplace and solar tripod. An upgraded model is for sale for $23,500 which includes Trex decking and wavy edge cedar wainscotting (which I just love!).

Two other green cabins profiled on Jim’s website are the 6×8 foot Mini-Sota which starts at $8,358 or the 8×10 foot Sunflower Starting at $10,499.

Neither price includes cabinetry, appliances or shipping. A $2,000 deposit will reserve a production date for a Tiny Green Cabin. A 50 percent deposit is required two weeks prior to production, with the balance due upon completion and delivery of the home.


Standard Items in the Tiny Green Cabins:

  • FSC Cert. Mixed * SW-COC-000669 Lumber
  • Ultra Touch Cotton Ins 6X16 – Recycled Denim (cotton) Insulation – (Blue Jeans)
  • Finger jointed 2 X 3’s and 2 X 4’s
  • Recycled & Reclaimed Lumber
  • Anderson Silverline Windows
  • Pro-Rib Steel 29 gauge panel – Emerald Green
  • Trex Decking (recycled plastic and wood fibers)
  • Low VOC paints
  • Acrylic caulks
  • Energy Star Electrical Boxes
  • CDX roof and exterior sheathing
  • Tyvek Exterior building wrap
  • Vertical OSB substrate “Smart Panel” exterior siding
  • Rebond (recycled) carpet padding
  • Insulated windows (low e on some models both in recyclable aluminum and vinyl)
  • Type 6 nylon carpet from Shaw

Optional Items in the Tiny Green Cabins:

  • Recycled tires and axles.
  • I-beam manufactured from scrap, recycled steel
  • OSB Floor, Wall, and Roof Decking
  • “James Hardie” Cemplank exterior siding
  • Title 24 interior lighting
  • Insulated fiberglass (50 year warranty) exterior entry doors.
  • “Rinnai” tankless gas water heater
  • PEX water systems (recyclable with no solvent connections)
  • DR 24 PVC and ABS drain lines, less materials with recycled contents
  • Gypsum panels (recycled paper)
  • Energy Star appliances (most standard models and all up grades)
  • Programmable thermostat
  • 2×6 S4S Cedar Porch Decking
  • Spray foam exterior wall insulation
  • Electric Fireplace
  • Cordwood Simulated Siding/Wainscoat
  • Wavy Edge Rough Sawn Cedar Siding
  • Water saver toilets, tub and shower diverters
  • Quick recovery water heaters
  • Aluminum (recyclable) mini-blinds

Jim also offers custom services for those that desire new designs along with products that can be incorporated into the tiny cabins, such as denim/cotton insulation, recycled and reclaimed materials, FSC Certified lumber products, solar panels for power off the grid, homemade soaps, organic products and other earth friendly sustainable products.



By Christina Nellemann for the (Tiny House Blog)

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Jim Wilkins - September 10, 2009 Reply

Building the Wildflower Cabin was treat for us at Tiny Green Cabins, and I have now lived in it for the last 5 weeks or so. The object was to find out what and if any improvements could be made to it for later models.
One thing I did not expect was to encounter moments where it felt magical living in it, almost like living in a tree as dwarfs, ogres, and elves from stories have lived in eons ago. What a treat!


Tim - March 20, 2010 Reply

I love the look that 2 different styles of siding gives these homes, very nice!!

transportable homes queensland - April 17, 2011 Reply

I do really like this cabin as it is small and can be fit with my back yard. I can use this as guest’s house when they visit our family for few days.Thanks

ashley - April 25, 2012 Reply

question, how are you able to fit all the wiring and electrical stuff inside this tiny cabin? im working on building one just like this with a sleeping quarters up towards the roof, but dont know where to get floor plans.

Buddy Brinlee - November 26, 2012 Reply

wall insulations needs to have as much thickness as possible so that they can have much better insulating ability. ..

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Laureen Sartore - February 25, 2013 Reply

There are a number of methods in which we’re in a position to insulate our loft area based upon the types involving materials selected for being used. Because heat actions upwards and escapes through loft space, incorporating a coating of insulating material within the typical thickness advised are going to be efficient to prevent heat loss. Even though the actual recommended thickness regarding Wall Insulation snowboards is 270mm, older properties with shallow gaps among joists restrict such loft insulation interesting depth.`

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