Slabtown Customs Office for Sale

Scott Stewart from Slabtown Customs in Arkansas is selling his office as he needs more space. This unit is ready for you to turn into a tiny home or office.

Scott says: It’s built like the tiny houses I build and could easily be set up as a house with addition of a bath and kitchen but was built to be my personal office and has been great but some new business additions require more office space so I would like to sell this one. It’s built on a trailer with two axles and bumper hitch, it is 8′ wide and 20′ long including a 6′ front covered porch.

Insulated and wired it has ext ceiling fan and light on front porch, ceiling fan with light and hanging globe lights inside, rustic pine lap and gap and barn metal interior, also has barn metal porch ceiling.

Vinyl flooring, three 3×3 windows with window in back wall having a plug for a window type heat/ac unit in place.

Scott is asking $6,250 for the office as is. If you would like Scott will add a bathroom for $2,000 which would include shower, toilet, sink/vanity and water heater. With that addition it would make a perfect guest house or dorm room for a college student.

Contact Scott Stewart at 870-213-5310
Slabtown Customs
Mountain View, Arkansas

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Photo Credits: Scott Stewart

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Steven - January 30, 2012 Reply

That seems like a really good deal. Scott seems to be one of the most fair-priced tiny house builders out there.

REmit Rom - January 30, 2012 Reply

You have to appreciate the irony.
A builder of tiny houses, needs more space for the office.
Makes me chuckle.

sesameB - January 30, 2012 Reply

This is a funny story — needing more space?? Well, I am glad it is featured, but I have my own tiny home, paid for in cash upon delivery years ago.
rural south central sunny Arkansas, drinking spring water, and barefootin’

Patti - January 30, 2012 Reply

VERY cute! And looks ready to move into now, or later after some cosmetic customization. Price is good too

I could so buy that now but have no land to put it on and my job is still location dependent 🙁

Charlie - February 4, 2012 Reply

Where is he going to put a kitchen and bathroom? Perhaps inclose the front porch. I always though fold up and down side porches would provide much more space when you decide where to tie down.

Donna C - April 25, 2012 Reply

Paid for and Delivered today in Fort Worth, TX.

I’m thrilled and excited to have this little house. Scott repainted the exterior in a med/light gray, and put in wood laminate flooring, plus replaced the drop lights for a ceiling flush “bowl-type” light fixture that matches the interior fan. It’s all gorgeous!

I will be using it as an art studio and sitting area (for Moms’ Nights Out, client consultation, quiet time for me, etc.).

I’ll send photos when it’s all set up (hopefully within in the next month or two. I’m putting in a conversation patio set (loveseat, chair/s, etc.) on the end where the a/c will go above it. Then on the front door side, I’ll have an easel, small table, maybe a few small bookshelves for art supplies, etc.

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