Pin-up Houses

Guest Post by Joshua Woodsman

Cabin homes are typically small homes, designed with simplicity. Often used as vacation homes for families or just for a couple. These compact small homes offer a warm ambiance, creating an intimacy that can be lacking in larger, more formal homes. Small cabins are ideal for those who looking to build a smart, flexible, cost-efficient, and energy-saving home. Small homes are more affordable and easier to build, heat, cool, clean, and maintain.

The most important step in building a house is easy-to-follow plans. Pin-up houses offer these very plans. Here we have the Cheryl Cabin. It can be used as a holiday home, a guesthouse, or simply a place to escape in your garden. The plans clearly describe the entire process in detail. Anyone can build this cabin.


The porch offers a dry comfortable place to enjoy your coffee or a place to read your favorite book. Joshua Woodsman’s focus is to provide stylish yet functional designs that stand apart from the rest. Down to every last detail. At the back of the cabin we find the perfect covering for storing wood.

Inside you will find a smart multifunctional interior with multifunctional furniture that can be placed almost anywhere, and with pegs even on the wall. Designed box-stools also provide storage space, saving a lot of room. They even double as kitchen shelves and counter space! When the temperature falls, the wood stove can be lit creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

After a long evening, these versatile box-stools can even join together to form one snug bed.
Sweet dreams!

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  1. Kent–are you okay? This post reads like it was auto-generated by an algorithm that hasn’t had English syntax rules plugged in yet.

    “Every single man have a dream to build a cabin. Cabin according to your wishes and ideas. Place where you can escape from everyday stress and worries.”


    You know you don’t have to crank out a post if you don’t have time to edit, right? We’ll still be here.

    Nice idea with the modular furniture; I’d want a futon on top of it for a bed so I didn’t feel the edge of each seating block.

    • Hi Finn, I posted the text as sent me. I agree I should have edited it and will. I had been on the road all day and did as you said. Put it up without editing. Thanks for your kind reminder! -Kent

  2. have a mobilehome in great disrepair,need help with plans and other things to redo home need to live in it and am disabled,so cant do the work myself.dawn m. bryan 150 blueberry ln.lovingston,va.22949

  3. About earthquakes – build a pyramid or a geo-dome house if you live in CA.
    That pinup badminton game was awesome:) The main mystery for me was that steaming red pan on the stove – I want that recipe!


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