Martin House-To-Go Update #2

Here are a few answers to our last post on the Martin House-To-Go. I am featuring some new pictures of the Sportsman in this post. Again these are a first view thanks to Dan in Southern California who has been talking very seriously with Julie of Martin House-To-Go and getting these pictures and information for me to share with you.

A ladder is used to access the loft. Two singles or a queen size bed will fit very easily in the loft. The downstairs room also offers a sleeping area, as you can see two cots will fit in the room, although very closely.


Julie is using a European sink and burner that is very attractive as well as functional. This picture details the kitchen and shows off the cedar cabinet.

The bathroom consists of a sink, composting toilet and shower. Very attractively done and good use of the space.

The floor plan gives you the full picture. This model is 10 x 20 so in many states such as California, will require a permit to move it down the road. If you purchase one be sure and check this detail out before attempting to move it about in your state.

I’ll keep you posted as I learn more and be sure and check the Martin House-To-Go website as I am sure she will be updating it in the near future. This is one more choice for that mobile tiny house.

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Shelley - August 26, 2008 Reply

I was so impressed w/ the interior – loved the wood and the lighting accents. Wonder why you need a permit? This won’t pass for a “minature” camper – eh?

Kent - August 26, 2008 Reply

Hi Shelley – It really depends on the state. 8 and 1/2 feet is the standard width in several of the western states, otherwise you need a temporary permit. The midwest may be different so go and check. Online you can check here:


Daniel - August 27, 2008 Reply

I like the additional pictures and the floor plans. This is a pretty big model as far as tiny houses go. The picture showing the cots on the main level make it look a little like a hunting cottage. Looks like they put a lot more thought into the design/building process. Nice to see their company is growing pretty good.

Not too much longer, you’ll see tiny mobile houses like these all over the roads and camp sites everywhere.


Sherry Harmon - December 9, 2014 Reply

I am a friend of Julie Martin. We met when she fled Ms after Katrina. Please let her know , I have been looking for her.
Sherry 979-824-2661

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