Derek Metson of Greenbox Designs, LLC located in Clackamas, Oregon let me know about their product which design I think could fit into the tiny house market.

Derek says that the Greenbox is the solution to a homeowner’s expanding needs, extending living, working or storage space outside your existing confines. Produced with sustainable, regional materials, Greenbox is a viable, quick and economical way of expanding your environment. A Greenbox unit can readily be assembled in one day.

Each unit is customizable to suit a home owners needs and comes in several different sizes.

  • Plumbing, electrical or HVAC can be customized.
  • Windows are available in over 25 pre-finished colors.
  • Low VOC paints are available in over a thousand colors.
  • Color matching with paints or stains is available to match your existing residence.

Proceeds from each Greenbox purchase go to relief housing or housing for those who live in impoverished areas. One dwelling unit is donated for every ten Greenboxes sold. We’re donating one next month to Dignity Village (the homeless community) in Portland. Visit the Greenbox website here.

9 thoughts on “Greenbox”

  1. Nice looking shelter. They could be used as a tiny house, or enlarged by linking several together. The price is not unreasonable either, but the transportation cost would probably be high.

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    • Thanks Frank for the information on the Random Posts. That uses a plug in and I will have to see if I can fix that. It draws the picture directly off the post so that would explain the full resolution. It is so popular I would hate to take it off.

  3. Being on an extremely slow dialup (not by choice but what is available to me in the country) I can’t even see the pics.

  4. whats the cost?
    I couldnt find any details at their site. Its pretty site but useless.
    I couldnt even find dimensions window specs, color options etc. Not saying they are not their but I couldnt find them just a few pictures not shown here.


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