George’s Mini Vardo Update

Back in January George one of my readers shared his vardo project that he was in the process of building. Recently George sent me an update on his completed vardo and shared that he had been using it regularly. Following is an update from George.

This is my home-built trailer using classic and modern building techniques and style. Based on traveler’s and “gypsy” wagons from Britain and France as well as sheep wagons from the western U.S. I am keeping this to the absolute minimum in size and weight. I don’t plan to live in it so it can be thought of a base camp. I have mulled it over for a very long time and was torn between this style and a teardop design. Each have advantages but this just seems to suit me better.

My final design is certainly not perfect but fit within the very tight parameters I set for myself. Small, light, and relatively cheap were important as were ascetics and traditional building techniques. Unlike modern RVs where people may spend large quantities of time inside the structure, I want this to be used more like early pioneer or “Gypsy” wagons where most of the actual living is done “outside”. The teardrop RV community has taken this to heart, often with a very modern and high-tech design, including microwave ovens, television and entertainment centers, and very modern kitchens.

Here’s a panorama of the inside from the doorway. Its difficult to get a good perspective through the camera lens. Above are few views around the interior.

To learn more visit George’s blog and his Instructable page to see how he constructed his vardo.

6 thoughts on “George’s Mini Vardo Update”

  1. Love Your gypsy wagon! Is it insulated? Is that a tent stove? If so what brand, and how well does it work? Well done, I hope my Hermit DeLuxe comes as well!

    • In answer to Joe; no insulation, just wood walls. It is a FourDog tent stove (Two Dog Size). It is actually too much for a small space like this so I have to really keep the fires to a minimum. I usually have the bay window open an inch or so when it is fired up.

  2. how did you seal the end of the tin roof!i am in the process of building 2! 1 is 12×7 the other is 8×6,, and i not sure how to seal my roof! i travel alot so it has to be rugged!

  3. Hi George, absolutely love the wagon. Thank you for confirming my sanity with your statement about the actual “living” being done outside rather than indoors. I hear lots of comments from people whenever I talk about Tiny Houses and how they could never live in something so small and I’ve always believed that a house, especially I tiny house, should be a place to shelter from bad weather and to sleep For everything else there is the great outdoors, entertainment, eating, adventure, its all better outdoors.


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