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Last year I did a small post on Cabana Village Garden Buildings, and since then their tiny cabin kit gallery has grown.  I thought the Tiny House readers would get a kick out of some of Cabana Village’s latest designs. Their website also features an interactive design center so you can customize your cabin kit.

Cabana Village builds cabin kits and cottage bunkies to be used as weekenders, lakeside cottages, starter cabins or backyard retreats. They also build pool houses, sheds, garden studios and garage kits. The cabins, cottages and bunkies feature cedar doors, windows and trim and are available in cedar or maintenance-free Canexel siding. All their cabanas have 1/2″ plywood roof sheathing and 2×4 SPF framing. With their sturdy construction and use of quality materials, extensive pre-fabrication, ease of assembly, and attractive design, their possible uses are only limited by your imagination.

An 87″ wall height is standard on Cabana Village’s kit cabins and you have a choice of a 7 in 12 (30°) or an 10 in 12 (40°) roof pitch. These cabin kits are designed with a sleeping loft and come with either a ladder or 15° hardwood stairs (depending on the size of the unit). They carefully pre-fabricate and pre-assemble as much of each structure as possible without making it impossible to handle and overly expensive to ship. The exact amount of pre-fabrication possible will vary slightly with size and design.

They have various sizes for their smallest cabins: the 12 foot cabins (12×12, 12×14 and 12×14 with dormer window) cost between $11,000 and $14,000. The 14 foot cabins (14×14, 14×16 and 14×16 with dormer window) cost between $15,000 and $17,000. They also offer larger kits that run into the $20,000 range.

Included in the price is:

  • everything you need including a wood floor, all hardware and fasteners, and assembly instructions
  • pre-assembly of walls, doors, windows and cupolas
  • freight to most destinations in the contiguous United States

Not included in the price is:

  • shingles (due to the many color and style variations, and weight considerations)
  • foundation
  • installation

Right now Cabana Village has a few bargains on bunkies, cabins and pool houses if ordered by March 31, 2010.

Cabana Village offers a full color 24 page brochure for $10.00. They will include a coupon for $100 off the price of any structure if you buy the brochure and then purchase a kit.

By Christina Nellemann for the (Tiny House Blog)

15 thoughts on “Cabana Village Kits”

  1. I love these little cabins.

    From that last photo it looks like they would need some additional weather proofing to make them habitable… even as a home office.

    But I bet they provide some info on that in the plans in case someone wanted to make one weather tight.

  2. Very nice…although the under-deck fill-boarding on the top-most shot, seems to take away from the great-look of the cabin itself. Very nice looking window choices though- and some cool design.

    And host “Tiny Yellow House TV”

    Just emailed Michael too- and Episodes 2,3,and possibly 4 of “Tiny Yellow House” on youtube will soon be done- I’ll send them your way soon. Both of you guys have been incredibly supportive of the project, not to mention the tiny house movement altogether- so 1000 thanks to the tiny house tagteam of Janzen n’ Griswold (hmmm…that could call for a comic strip…)

  3. I’d like to see more interior shots. I’d also like to see some models with the insides all fixed up and ready to move in. I have a traditional house (1400 sq ft) but I’m really liking the idea of a small house. My only concern as a single female is a security one.

  4. I love these small houses! They would be so fun to put in a backyard as a playhouse or up in the mountains as a cabin. I wish there was one that looked more like a cabana so I could put it at our beach house. One of these would be so fun to sit under and watch the sun go down on the beach.

  5. Cabana Village now has stock and custom plans for all their structures, including their loft cabins and their five-sided cabanas.


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