Wait N’ Rest Airport Pods for Long Airport Layovers

I do a fair amount of traveling around the world and find that the majority of airports are pretty miserable. If I’m unable to get into a first-class or business lounge, then the layover experience can add to that misery.

So when I find a company that makes airport layovers so much better, they rank high on my list.

On a recent layover in Bogota, Colombia, I happened to see the Wait N’ Rest just across from my departure gate. I still had a few hours until my flight and could not resist booking one of their rooms for the amazing price of less than $10 an hour.

The Wait N’ Rest in Bogota has easy check-in screens and a calm atmosphere.

Wait N' Rest in Bogota

Wait N’ Rest is available in the Bogota airport and the Lima, Peru airport. They offer tiny sleeping pods by the hour. Each one has a twin bed, storage shelves, climate and lighting control, a pillow and blanket, and flight information.

I was pleasantly surprised how clean, quiet, and well-designed these little hotel pods were. The dark decor, plants, and soft lighting made them a relief from the harsh lighting and noise of the rest of the airport.

Each pod is accessed via a private password and has a touchscreen to control lighting and temperature.

Wait N' Rest in Bogota

Years ago, I stayed for several hours in the Yotel pod at Heathrow airport, and the pod had its own bathroom and shower. Those were nice, but the Yotel pods were very expensive for what you get. The Wait N’ Rest is very affordable for any traveler.

The check-in process is so easy. Interactive screens outside the pod area allow you to book and pay for a room with a credit card or cash. The attendee immediately arrived to take my payment and showed me my pod. Each pod was cleaned and sanitized and unlocked and locked with a personal passcode.

The pods are designed for one person with a twin bed and luggage storage.

Wait N' Rest in Bogota

Along with the bed and storage, each pod has another interactive screen to control the temperature and lights and check on your flight. A charging station and a tiny desk is also available. A pillow and a blanket are in each pod, but you can request another blanket if you need one.

If every airport would just wake up (no pun intended) and allow businesses like this into their terminals, the traveling life would be a lot more pleasant. 

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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