Take a Tiny House Tour

by Leanna Joyner

I’d write something about this, but I’ve spent too many hours learning everything I needed to know to edit the audio and make a video. I hope you enjoy it. I find this to be a super fascinating project. We talk about Marcus’ inspiration, original design, construction process, and costs.

SmallerHouseLargerLife.com is under construction. If you’d like to contact Marcus Barksdale, reach him at smallerhouselargerlife@gmail.com.

This is my first audio and video editing project, ever. Please excuse all its imperfections. I blog about this and other things that interest me right here and as often as possible.

17 thoughts on “Take a Tiny House Tour”

  1. The home is beautiful and inspirational! The video was great! If there were any flaws, I certainly didn’s see them. Thanks for posting.

    • After Katrina, some of the beautiful, well-built cottages that FEMA and MEMA provided came under fire because they were narrow and “Looked like trailers and would drive down property values”. a very unfortunate misperseption.

  2. I really like the looks of the house. And the porch is a nice ratio to it to give it more life.
    I like it on the foundation, too.

  3. I love this tiny house. It is more like a work of art than most I have seen. It looks so much larger than it is. I think the windows do a lot to give it a larger feel. Everything about it, even the landscaping does a lot to make it look like a home.

  4. Excellent video and house. And I live in West Asheville so it’s right in my backyard. I’ll get in touch with Marcus and find out where he is so I, too, can go see it. I live in 100sf RV right now and would love to have something like this.


    Small does not have to be ramshackle.
    I also like how he did the work he could easily do or was accomplished at and paid for the services of those that had particular skills he needed.

    very well done build. precise video also !

  6. Your home is beautiful. Congratulations on your dream come true. My husband and I converted a 12 X 20 custom built shed into a tiny cottage. The vaulted ceilings has me thinking about building up. Are you interested to sell your plans?

    Leanna great job on the video. Be proud, you did it!


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