Family-Run Small Dwelling Company Offers Custom Tiny Homes and Workshops

Located in North Texas, Small Dwelling Company does more than build tiny structures on trailers or skids. According to the Underwood family, their company builds simple homes for people looking for a simpler way of life.

Small Dwelling Company is located in Weatherford, Texas

Photos by Small Dwelling Company

Small Dwelling Company also doesn’t really follow the traditional set of rules. While they build handcrafted, custom homes, they don’t stick to a specific style. Each home is crafted according to what the customer wants, so each design and build comes out unique. The styles range from contemporary homes on wheels complete with a screened porch to tiny mobiles sheds on skids.

Small Dwelling Company builds both tiny homes on  wheels and small dwellings on skids or foundations.

The company also offers workshops for beginners interested in building their own tiny house in the future. The workshops go over the basics of building a tiny house shell and include lunch and snacks.

Each Small Dwelling Company interior can be customized for the customer.

During the workshops, participants go over foundations and Volstrukt framing, sheathing and strapping, housewraps, flashing and exterior siding. Small Dwelling Company co-owner, Sam, also goes over how to create plans to scale using simple graph paper and pencil.

LANDiO featured Small Dwelling Company in one of their YouTube videos.

Check out this beautiful video about Small Dwelling Company by LANDiO. By the way, if you want to know more about LANDiO’s land company, check out the July issue of the Tiny House Magazine for an interview with LANDiO co-owner Tory Watson.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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