New Avenue Homes: Clean Energy Showcase Home

Kevin Casey from New Avenue Homes and builder of the Berkeley Backyard Cottage was featured last year. He has since introduced a new home called the Clean Energy Showcase Home. I wanted to get this up ASAP as it is being featured at the Pacific Coast Builders conference this weekend June 24 – 26th. If you are in the area you will want to get down and see it. To get get a free pass go to At check out, use the discount code newavenue.

This home is a one bedroom with an additional sleeping loft. New Avenue Homes calls it 7 rooms in 500 square feet.

The cost for this home is $85,000. I have attached pictures of it and a floor plan rendering to give you a good sense of the home. I hope to visit it either this weekend or when it is relocated back to San Jose for a personal first-hand view and to take pictures. Please stay tuned.

This is part of the Small House Feature. If you live in or have friends that live in a small home please send me your photos and a story about your home. Email them to Thank you!

17 thoughts on “New Avenue Homes: Clean Energy Showcase Home”

  1. Clean design! The shower looks great. Only concern is the placement of the kitchen sink. Without a dishwasher, where would a drainer go? It is better to separate the cook top and sink in such a compact space.

    My current apartment has the arrangement pictured here and I know the sorrow of splashing soapy water in a pot of soup!

    • yeah, sliding the stove/oven to the left would be nice, then you could even add a small dishwasher…

      also a back splash around the bathroom sink would be nice…

      sweet house, i like it a lot!

      • Would definitely move cooking to the left. Rather than a dishwasher (how much will you need to wash really?) maybe recessed or roll out storage. I say recessed because to work/prep/chop it’s a lot less tiring to be able to get knees/legs somewhat under the counter. Lovely space.

    • The house shown above is the Green Vision

      and for $1,975.00 you get the following:

      Construction Plans

      An IRC code compliant set of scaled building drawings that is ready for print. These drawings will be required by your contractor to assemble the house. There are 4 total 24”x36” pages in this set, which include:

      · Architectural floor plan and loft plan

      · Architectural exterior and interior elevations

      · Electrical plans

      · Foundation and framing plans for the floor, loft and roof

      · Construction details

      · Material list

      Architectural Floor Plans
      Our ¼” scaled floor plans locates and dimensions the wall, windows and doors. We also include recommended furniture, cabinetry and appliances so you can comfortable fit all your belongings.

      Architectural Exterior and Interior Elevations
      Exterior siding, lighting locations, interior finishes, cabinetry, door and window layout are all clearly displayed on these drawings so your contractor can build your home as shown in our model. All exterior walls (front, back and sides) are included in the exterior elevations. Interior elevations are included for the bedroom and living room.

      Electric Plans
      These plans show locations for outlets, light switches and lights. The required specifications are also included so your contractor can buy the right stuff

      Foundation and Framing Plans
      These plans show the guts of the home and crucial element in building a strong home that will last. Our typical home is designed on a concrete perimeter foundation. If you are interested in a slab on grade foundation please contact us on the link above.

      Construction Details

      Zoomed in part of the house are displayed here to make sure your contractor clearly understands how each piece of the house goes together.

      Material list

      A list or schedule for windows and doors is included. The plans also mention appliance and cabinet sizes. Types of materials used in the framing, insulation and roofing of the house are included.

      What isn’t Included

      Heating and Cooling for Extreme Weather
      Our homes are designed to California’s energy code, which is the most stringent code in the country. That said code compliance varies greatly between counties within the United States and you may need to work with a local architect or engineer to find a heating system that meets your local code.

      A Takeoff List
      Takeoff lists includes the amount of all materials required. Our material list will give your contractor the tools to calculate the required quantity.

      Architect or Engineer seals
      Some cities and states now require that a licensed local architect or engineer review and “seal” blueprints before accepting them for a building permit application and approving them for subsequent construction. Prior to application for a building permit or the start of actual construction, we strongly advise that you consult your local building authorities who can advise you if such a review is required.

      Other Notes
      Building Codes
      These plans have been designed to meet the International Building Code. Some municipalities have additional restrictions or requirements. Please check with your local building department to verify that these plans meet your local codes.

      Altering Plans
      New Avenue offers design alterations to better fit your building site and to meet your specific needs. Please contact us on the link above and a member of our design staff will promptly reply with a free plan modification quote.

  2. It looks like the conference was from June 22-24, not the 24-26 as Kent mentioned in the article. Too bad because I’d love to see the homes in person.

    • Hmmm, that is the info Kevin gave me. I’ll check with him and see where it is going next. I think it is San Jose but need to verify that now.

  3. So, how is it related to clean energy? And what do small house designers have against eaves and shade? The cleanest energy is passive heating and cooling, but most tiny houses look like solar ovens.

  4. Ok, I’ll let you get away with counting a large closet as a room, but you’re not going to get away with calling a deck a room.

  5. I’m the founder of New Avenue and builder of this home and have a few responses to all the commenters.

    There is a dishwasher, it’s in the peninsula and behind the sink. It might be nicer to have the stove over in the corner, but we wanted to center the fancy appliances we had and have some fun with the tiles that go up to the ceiling.

    The $85,000 price that’s mentioned includes all the zoning permits, building permits, design customizations, site work, and utilities. It’s also engineered for California and our earthquakes.

    For the eaves, I could love to have a 3′ eave all the way around but the house is the max size that you can ship down a highway, as you can see in the rendering we have a trellis that covers the doors and shades most of the house. Once we get to a final home, we’ll get some shade in there.

    As for clean energy – the home is small and well insulated. That’s as clean as it gets. But more so, it’s featuredn the “San Jose Clean Energy Showcase” Here’s a link:

    The San Jose showcase will be open every Saturday for the rest of the year. Come on by to check it out!


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