Their DIY Adobe Style Skoolie Tiny Home

Felicia and Jake built a DIY adobe style skoolie tiny home after the pandemic inspired them to make a significant lifestyle change. Impressively, they did it for about $35k! Their bus conversion gave them an exciting opportunity to explore new places, people, and of course, food. But leaving their hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, came with nostalgic pains.

They designed their skoolie tiny home to feel like a New Mexican casita, like the ones they grew up in. So they can now take some of their childhood homes wherever they go. This adobe style is most notable doing the walls, curviness throughout, and overall color scheme of the bus.

“It feels like home. The turquoise color outside of the bus, the Mexican tiles, and the wood floors feel like the homes we grew up around and in New Mexico.”

-Felicia, @ziathebus

Importantly, they began with a 40-foot Bluebird International 3800. The turquoise exterior gives a strong New Mexican influence right away. Then, as you walk inside, there is no denying their adobe casita-inspired interior design. It’s the lime plaster effect on the walls, the rich texture of the wood floors & counters, and all the plants—succulents and dried chiles.

They handpicked the tiles around their wood-burning stove—such lovely terracotta vibes. Behind the hearth is the arched hallway leading to their dreamy bathroom. More arches can be found throughout that space. Surprisingly, Jake and Felicia made a tiled bathtub work. However, they admit that this will mostly be used when at campgrounds with water hookups. For now, it serves as a lovely shower space with a rainwater showerhead and a holding area for breakables when they’re on the road.

Watch the tour of their Adobe Style Skoolie Tiny Home to see more!

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