Sing Tiny House Kit – Spring Sale

Peter Sing from Sing Home contacted me yesterday to announce a Spring Sale. Here is what Peter is offering.

We are offering a Spring Sing Tiny Home Kit sale. Almost any DIY person can put together in there back yard with 20 pieces of Sing Panels they can build a 8’ x 14’ house on a trailer. The regular price of each panel was $250.00 each now half price for Tiny House blog readers $125.00 per panel. Click here to see how to build. The entire trailer weight approximate 2600 lbs.

So for $2,500 you can buy the Sing Tiny House Home Kit. Contact Sing Home at 360-495-3577 or email and visit the website here.

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Michael - April 6, 2010

Great deal! This could be the ideal building material for an ultralight tiny house.

Karen - July 26, 2010

Can anyone offer a suggestion as to who I could buy a small home (to build myself), that is relatively inexpensive but easy enough for a novice. I would like to hear of a business that sells like SING does but with quality.

Thank you,


Anna - April 21, 2011

You can do anything you set your mind to! I am almost 48, and I have built 4 small houses and am looking forward to the next one! I wanted to learn how to build a house so I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. I think that is a great way to learn, meet new people, and help your fellow mankind at the same time. Best of luck with your dreams. Anna

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