Kokoon Kompak

Kakoon SIP Tiny House

Tiny House on Wheels is a Park Model shell that has the best insulation and longest warranty available.

This tiny house trailer is a professionally made insulated shell, that can be finished by the owner with their personal design and details. Kokoon Kompak tiny house on wheels is an 8 foot by 20 foot or 8 foot by 18 foot footprint that comes in three basic roof lines and is suitable for full time living. Contact Dave Rades for sale price of the other two roof lines.

All insulation is exclusive two part Soy foam sprayed in place with no off gassing or formaldehyde, class 1 fire rated. All Kompak’s have R-30 6 inch in roof, R-10/20 in walls, R-10/20 in floor. Optional: Windows, double pane low-e with low maintenance, rot proof, vinyl frames, & doors can be located anywhere in the perimeter. Interior ceiling is covered in wood ( optional) and ready to finish as you like.

trailer base

The shell is weather tight and body heat from 2 people will quite possibly keep you warm. The optional: exterior doors have solid vinyl composite frame, trim and exterior deck material to avoid rotting. The galvanized steel framing from the chassis up is super strong and will last a lifetime, this is attached to the rolling frame with qty. 8 -¾ “ galvanized bolts. The four wheels all have brakes and 8 lug* pattern.

One Kokoon exclusive is the optional retractable 4 foot by 7 foot rear covered porch, another is the double floor* inside that allows all water lines and electrical to be installed easily before final interior sheetrock/wood walls. Leveling jacks* are piston style for maximum stability. Tiny home will be primer painted only, trim and dress out will vary from pictures. Only exterior corner trim will be included. Rough door opening will have 2×4 wood sides for attaching your door. A small portable 115 volt AC/heat units that are available will keep this comfy year-round and only cost about $325.00 The option: factory painted steel roof* comes in 5 colors and has a full warranty option: No doors or windows at this sale price.

Install your windows or doors anywhere you like!! Even with all these features this beauty has a low gross weight of only 3500-6750 pounds. This leaves generous 2000-5000 pounds for clients to finish the interior. At a GCWR of just 7000-10,000, 12000 pounds any full size pickup can tow this with no special permits necessary. Kokoon Homes is a nationally recognized manufacture that issues a Title that can be used for tags and bank notes.

The base price of the 8 x 18 value line is $7,975 Compare this to the industry price of $50,000 for a completed unit.

Distributorships are available.

Amy Griggs

Kokoon Homes SIP’s
266 Elberton Street. Toccoa, Georgia 30577
(706) 244- 0162

Kakoon SIP Tiny House

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Susie M - April 4, 2015 Reply

This is definitely a niche market that caters to those of us who can finish the interior – but for health, or other reasons, find the entire process, too daunting. Finally – a company that is keeping its pricing in line with an unfinished build!!!

I’ll be very interested to see this company develop – especially as they are using insulation with a mind to ‘no off gassing’. Definitely one to watch.

    Shirolyn S - April 4, 2015 Reply

    Like you love to see more……..

Teresa S. - April 6, 2015 Reply

I love this concept and have considered it over the years. But, I have a rather serious question.

How are these tiny houses holding up in heavy winds? Like hurricanes, etc. A normal size house, of course, can’t withstand a tornado, but are these tiny houses equipped to handle hurricane-force winds?

    Mike Wofsey - April 6, 2015 Reply

    Teresea, I only have enough knowledge about this to be a little dangerous, but my previous home lived through a tornado, and I currently work in Building Technologies. The most important part of a building that can withstand severe conditions is a strong envelope. The walls and roof all securely bolted to the frame and each other, the windows securely bolted. so many mobile homes were built shoddy and with with weak sheet metal connections, they didn’t do well in storms. But tiny homes are a different beast … given that tiny homes have relatively short walls and a high ratio of surface to volume, they may do better in some storms than conventional buildings. Of course, a strong enough storm could conceivable just pick up the entire tiny home, but that would be a strom strong enough damage conventional structures too.

      Teresa S. - April 7, 2015 Reply

      Thank you for your response. This concept intrigues me. It requires a philosophical change for some, moving away from “bigger is better” to a type of freedom that few can fathom.

    Dave Rades - April 7, 2015 Reply

    Thanks for your interest. All our products use recycled steel that is heavier/thicker than required by the National Building Codes for home building. (almost twice as thick) We are a family run company that “builds ’em like we will live in ’em”. Please use our contact page for any questions, ALL personal information is kept in-house and NOT shared in any way.

Richard Miller - July 20, 2015 Reply

(1) Are the trailers, themselves-made of galvanized steel?

(2) Am I right in understanding that the walls are SIPs? The roof, also? The floor, also?

(3) What are the inside dimensions, please?

(4) What is the over-all height, ground to external peak?

(5) The porch is retractable. The roof extending out over the porch, of course, does not retract. Correct?

Thank you! I am on the verge of ordering a trailer, and have already gotten a quote from a local SIPs manufacturer (Louisville, Kentucky), but–your website makes me pause and wonder if I should change course and order a complete shell from you. I anticipate your answer, please, as I need to finalize my decision very, very soon–within days. Thanks, again!

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