weeHouse Studio for Sale

Fans of Alchemy Architects and the weeHouse now have a chance to purchase the weeHouse studio that was used as the Saturn Sky convertible touring companion. The cost for the original house was $65,000, but Alchemy is offering the studio as is for $48,000.

Download the sales PDF here.

The 27×12 foot weeHouse was an integral part of the Saturn marketing campaign linking high-end cutting edge design with their automobile. The weeHouse shipped 100% complete, and features a special steel frame with forklift pockets and removable casters to allow the house to be easily handled by hand or forklift on standard flatbed trucks, thus significantly reducing shipping costs.

The 324 square foot Studio for sale includes these specifics and plumbing can be added after delivery:

  • Studio can sit on permanent or temporary foundation
  • Custom steel base frame includes fork lift pockets and casters (use of casters is optional)
  • IKEA kitchen wall that is plumbing-ready
  • Two Summit under counter, stainless steel refrigerators
  • Natural bamboo floor, walls, and ceiling
  • Andersen sliding glass doors (screens provided on 2)
  • Electrical wiring set-up for standard 110 V generator or plug-in, multiple outlets, “live” tracks on ceiling for spot lighting, recessed lighting throughout
  • Fully insulated walls, weather-tight EP DM rubber roof
  • Includes the custom cedar decking with ramp and entry and stair step (ships separately from house)
  • Price also includes 4 hours of Alchemy’s innovative design and expertise to help with foundation or interior plans (a $500+ value)

Alchemy has also relaunched their website with new photos and information on their prefab and custom designs.

By Christina Nellemann for the (Tiny House Blog)

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Ryan Mitchell - January 25, 2010 Reply

I really like the styling of Alchemy Architects’ houses but their pricing is very steep. I suppose if you look at it from a cost per square foot (for this house it is about $150 per sq/ft) it is definitely on the higher end, but not extreme. Compare this to Jay’s Houses which can run up to $300 a square foot if he build them, Alchemy Architects’ begins to seem like an awesome deal.

The other thing I would worry about is even if those sliding doors are top of the line, super insulative, etc etc. I still think it would be a bear to head and cool, this seems to be more of a fair weather house.

    Christina Nellemann - February 4, 2010 Reply

    Actually, this issue may have been remedied in the weeHouse studio. If you look at their model, the north side windows are now smaller. Again, with regard to site orientation, hopefully the wall with the full windows will face south.

brian mcclure - January 26, 2010 Reply


    Ryan Mitchell - January 26, 2010 Reply

    I have read that getting these containers, used or new, is actually a big pain in the butt. I do agree you could get it done for much less. I bet you could get it done for $15k-$20k if you did it mostly yourself. But you would have a ton of metal cutting and other metal fabrication, all which is a unique skill set.

Christina Nellemann - January 26, 2010 Reply


I agree with you on the windows. I would love to have a weeHouse, but site orientation would be key. During the day the house would get some great winter sun, but that would disappear very quickly at night.

Greenotter - January 29, 2010 Reply

In the top photo, the forward edge of the roof looks like it is shot already. Is that part of the high-end craftsmanship?

I like the rusted finish on some houses but rusted single-unit shipping container is not one of them.

Alex Klein - July 14, 2010 Reply

Actually, campers…
I write a pretty popular blog about building ISBU homes. I’m well-known in the industry and I’ve been doing it since 1977. I just released a book about it, in fact.

BTW – Getting an ISBU is easier than you think.

Take a hard look at WeeHouse, and you’ll see an empty box. Start with an 8’x20’x9.5′ High Cube ISBU, and you could easily do the same thing, (much better, actually) for about $45 a square foot.

And you could do it in your garage.

There’s very little in the way of “steel fab” in this project.

Gimme $20 grand, and I could build these all day at a higher level of finish and they’d even work, as far as energy efficiency and actual function go.

And so could YOU.

    marc morrison - August 20, 2014 Reply

    Can you tell us the title of your book? I would be very interested in picking up a copy.

Ashley Sofa Sleepers - June 15, 2011 Reply

I purchsed my futon on January 2011, I love it, it looks great with extra pillows. The only thing is the cushion tends to side. I purchased a piece of carpet pad and placed it between frame and cushion and it worked.

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