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SMPLy Mod – Modern Modular Home

Joel Tanner from SMPLy Mod contacted me about his new design, the Beta Home 984. Although not tiny (we define tiny homes as those under 400 sq. ft.) this has some great design features and might appeal to our readers who are looking for something a little bigger for your own tiny/small home.

Following are more details from Joel:

This is a project two years in the making. Since I (Joel) opened my design studio in January of 2010, I’ve wanted to design, build, and market affordable, modern, modular homes. This project is called the Beta Home 984 – it features two bedrooms and one bathroom spread over two levels – with a total of 984 square feet to enjoy.

The floor system is insulated to R40, with the walls sitting at R22, and the roof at R50.

The home also features bamboo flooring throughout both levels with a front load washer dryer in the bathroom.

Our goal is to provide a high quality product, at an affordable price range unlike many other architectural firms selling modern modular home packages.

If you’d like more information on the Beta Home 984 or Joel’s company, SMPLy MOD, visit Joel’s website here.

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Amanda - November 17, 2011 Reply

Hey Joel, Nice work! We lived in Nelson for a while, but had to leave due to lack of work for my dh. Still hoping to get back there in a few years though. I like really like thios one (we’d be looking for a small house, not timy as there are 5 of us). A third bedroom would be nice with the same footprint maybe? (our daughter is going to get to an age pretty quick here where sharing a room with her brothers is no longer what she wants) When you say affordable what does that mean to you? Housing costs in the Nelson mean that means something totally different than it does elsewhere generally.

    SMpLy Mod - November 20, 2011 Reply

    Hi Amanda, our start to finish construction cost was 136$ per square foot including permit and construction fees – a savings of 20% from conventional construction.

Hazel - November 17, 2011 Reply

Sleek, classy finishes and seems very well built! Daily living-wise I’d want a few changes: closet/coat&shoe area near front door; change the breakfast area (stools) since it’s crowding the main door and might be chilly; lower long windows so you can see outdoors when seated at the dining table; linen storage in the bathroom; AND leave off the top storey!!! 😉 There’s enough room for a bedroom downstairs where the stairs and big closet are!

Zaylinda - November 17, 2011 Reply

Looking at the outside shots, I found this house very unappealing, like it would feel like a dark cave inside… but looking at the interior shots, it’s much brighter and airy-er than I would have expected.
It’s a bit big for my needs/tastes, but it’s not bad!

Mel - November 17, 2011 Reply

Really nice…wonder about the price?

    SMpLy Mod - November 23, 2011 Reply

    See next Comment
    Thanks Mel

Steve - November 17, 2011 Reply

Very nice and Canadian too! I’m wondering about the price too. What is “affordable” in SMPL terms?

    SMpLy Mod - November 20, 2011 Reply

    We can sell you the plans for 1200$, or if you want us to ship you this home, it would cost $109,000 for the two modules. Additional site work on top of that cost would the the services, foundation, siding and gutters!

Rese - November 17, 2011 Reply

Oh. My. I love this.

Eva - November 17, 2011 Reply

Modern – it is. Perhaps as an earth-bermed house?
The electric bill! – alone, to keep the place bright – heated – cooled – ! Miss the point of a “tiny” or even small house i.e reduction of foot print, eliminating wasteful space. I’m sure there is a market for everything and I personally do like modern and clean lines, but also love a warm feeling and lots of sunlight and SMALL foot print – off grid with modern means – they are all on the market now – all one has to do is integrate them into a tiny or small home designs – by small, I envision no more that 600 sq feet – tiny means to me that I can pull it with me where ever I go.

TM - November 17, 2011 Reply

It looks like a townhouse for low income in some area in Va . But it does look comfy and roomy . I , also , would like to know about the price . I would want to have some balcony for fresh air and lights plus one more bathroom , then that would be just what I need ( for myself and for my kids when they come to visit , I hate to wait for the bathroom when visitors come ) Nice house . TM.

Bob H - November 17, 2011 Reply

The outside needs a redesign for me. The inside looks extremely nice. Added bonus, it is not mounted on a trailer

mike - November 17, 2011 Reply

Really nice amount of space and nice layout.
Are there 2 baths?

    mike - November 17, 2011 Reply

    hmm… guess the bath must be upstairs…

alice - November 17, 2011 Reply

It’ll probably look nicer once the deck is built,assuming there’s going to be one at the back where the sliders are. I like this in some ways, especially if it keeps costs down. You can always pretty it up with landscaping and whatnot. It would be handy having a rooftop terrace like this Maybe just one story and the rooftop terrace, or two plus rooftop, using the bottom story as a workshop/guest quarters/rental space with it’s own separate entrance. A covered rooftop deck would be great in both hot and wet weather and give a nice outdoor sleeping porch. Good for outdoor cooking in bear country too.

Greg - November 17, 2011 Reply

Thats a very nice design.

Josh - November 17, 2011 Reply

It does look very nice on the inside, though it seems extremely dependent on artificial lighting. I agree with the other comments that the outside isn’t very appealing. There definitely isn’t anything warm, cozy, or homey about that exterior.

    SMpLy Mod - November 23, 2011 Reply

    Hi Josh
    The home is actually naturally quite bright all day long. We’ve positioned the windows to take full advantage of the beaming sunlight throughout different periods of the day.

Steve - November 17, 2011 Reply

Love this kind of thing. Any quotes on pricing for labor and materials?

Pen - November 17, 2011 Reply

The first thing that caught my eye was what appears to be a very low slope to the roof. Is that an optical illusion?

I’m from snow-country though, where flattish roofs can be an issue.

    Amanda - November 18, 2011 Reply

    Kootenays are “snow country” too.

Liz - November 17, 2011 Reply

Almost no storage in the kitchen. Huge stairway is a waste of space. Looks like a standard house chopped down to size. as the owner of a house like that, I can tell you there is a ton of wasted space which drives me batty.

But no kitchen cabinets??

    Dave - November 17, 2011 Reply

    Last time i was house hunting, i noticed this, lots of more “modern” places seem to be getting rid of upper cabinets in favour of a simple shelf, or like above, nothing at all… Looks clean and neat in the showroom, but putting your dishes in lower cabs and drawers would be annoying.. In my case, that big closet would end up as all kitchen storage lol!

      Liz - November 17, 2011 Reply

      Well, it’s lovely, but I’d hate cooking in it. I guess you could store all your food in that enormous wasted space under the stairs. 😉

Dave - November 17, 2011 Reply

Hmmm, maybe iam on the unpopular side, but i like it!!

It’s not sitting on a nicely landscaped lot, with a back deck as is obviously meant to be there, but i see the potential. In an area like Toronto, where a lot of older homes are being torn down for their lots (55-60 feet wide) and split into 2 lots with 2 houses, long narrow designs like this work…. You dont want a lot of side windows if your neighbor is 4 feet away… Its certainly not “tiny” but it is small, and clean and tight, exactly the sort of thing i am wanting for myself. As to comments about it not being “small/energy conscious” enough, with a little more insulation in the walls, to match the floors/roof, it would be very easy to heat and cool. Again, in a city like Toronto which is filled with old, barely insulated cottage houses on narrow lots, it is already miles ahead of the average in terms of insualtion efficiency! I would have. KILLED to put something like this on the lot my firsthome was on!

Sven - November 18, 2011 Reply

If IKEA was to make a house, this would be it.

    cj - November 18, 2011 Reply

    My thoughts exactly.

      Dave - November 18, 2011 Reply


      What IKEA name would it have?


Gigi - November 18, 2011 Reply

What a fabulous design! I love it. The house looks lovely, interior and interior. Nice work Joel. 🙂

    SMPLy Mod - November 28, 2011 Reply

    Thanks GiGi!

Ted - November 20, 2011 Reply

Sadly, that hallway upstairs is about the biggest waste of space conceivable. The interior is attractive, but does not appear particularly well planned.

    SMpLy Mod - November 23, 2011 Reply

    Hi Ted
    I appreciate both positive and negative comments… They keep me growing as a designer.
    Just a quick note on the upstairs hallway, I envision the “nook” to be used as either a desk or library zone for the home owner… This doubles the use of a not so practical zone in a home.

sesameB - November 21, 2011 Reply

Nice, but I would not like to live in this type of structure.

joy - November 27, 2011 Reply

Looks good but I love to see floor plans to give a better understanding of space. Did not see them on your site either. Did I miss them?

    SMPLy Mod - November 28, 2011 Reply

    Hi Joy, If you go to our website then our product… click on any home and it will bring you to a gallery complete with floor plans. Or email me and I’d be happy to send you a PDF –


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hokky chan - November 28, 2013 Reply

hi, love the design and really interested, just need more info about shipping to US? or do you have any factory here that do it. ? thank you sir and lookin forward to it.

    Kent Griswold - November 28, 2013 Reply

    You will need to contact the company about that, this is just a post about there products.

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