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October 8, 2018

Smart Cabin Spacey To Be Offered Around the World

The self-contained, smart concept home is becoming more available to the masses, especially people who don’t mind moving around. The prefabricated Cabin Spacey is joining the location-independent group with the intention of building easily accessible cabins all around the world. These 370 square foot homes can be purchased and transported to underutilized and unused building roofs or parking lots. The company’s website states, “its a new way of housing where you simply pay as you live.”

Cabin Spacey is a 370 square foot transportable cabin that can be placed in parking lots or on top of buildings.

Much like the Kasita, the Ecocapsule and the Ecological Living Module, the Cabin Spacey was designed to offer minimalist, full-time living for areas with limited housing or high housing costs. Designed and built in Berlin, Cabin Spacey is designed to be placed anywhere and attach to existing infrastructure. The little home can also be independent as well and contains batteries and a solar system.

Tour the Cabin Spacey and its “Hub” living area on the website.

The Hub has a window seat that converts into a guest bed.

Accessed by a staircase with storage, the loft bed sits above the kitchenette.

The exterior is angular and comes in one style, but the interior is full of little surprises. There is no need to acquire any new furniture; everything is built in. The living area (named the Hub) has a multifunctional lounge area in front of the large window that converts into a guest bed. The Hub also has a Bosch kitchenette with a wash/dry laundry system and integrated coffee machine. Large sliding doors bring the outside into the living space. Hovering above the kitchen is the lofted sleeping space with a king bed and electronics docking station. The daylight bathroom at the rear has a rain shower, skylights and Sonos surround sound.

The well-lit bathroom has skylights and is next to the rear glass door.

Photos by Cabin Spacey

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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