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Sierra Tiny Houses Offers Kits and Assembly for California and Nevada DIYers

Sierra Tiny Houses has been featured on the Tiny House Blog several times. Now the Northern California company is offering tiny house kits and Trailer Made trailers for anyone looking to build their own home in a much shorter time.

The Roomy Retreat is one of the Sierra Tiny Houses models that is available as a kit.

The tiny house kits include the trailer, steel framing, subfloor, and sheathing for the Sierra Tiny Houses models. The frame is cut and pre-drilled based on each client’s design and detailed assembly instructions are included. The biggest advantage of a steel frame over a wood frame is that each tiny house is 40 percent lighter and is more rigid for road-worthy travel. Customers can also buy the tiny house trailer and the steel frames separately.

The kits are delivered with the trailer, subfloor, steel framing, and sheathing.

Sierra Tiny Houses is an authorized dealer of Trailer Made trailers in California. Each of the kit trailers include steel floor joists and are available in both bumper pull or gooseneck style. In addition, they also have a galvanized steel pan under the trailer that can fit six inches of insulation. Each trailer chassis also has a lifetime warranty. The subfloor of each kit is made by AdvanTech and offers advanced moisture resistance. This is beneficial in case the in-progress home is outdoors during wet weather.

The ZIP system sheathing offers quick installation and waterproofing.

The kits are available with bumper pull or gooseneck trailers.

The ZIP System sheathing is also made by AdvanTech with moisture resistance. They come in 4×8 sheets and can be installed quickly. Sierra Tiny Houses and Trailer Made also offers an option where the sheathing can be assembled and placed onto the trailer along with the assembled steel frame, closed cell foam insulation, and subfloor. Customer assembly is then nearly as quick as putting together a piece of furniture from IKEA.


Photos by Sierra Tiny Houses

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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