Kanga Room Systems Make for Smart, Tiny Compounds

More than six years ago, the Tiny House Blog featured the fabulous prefabs of Kanga Room Systems. At the time, tiny prefabs were still difficult to come by and some companies were a bit fly by night. Kanga Room Systems are not only still around, but their clean, sophisticated designs have expanded to include options for tiny compounds complete with outdoor living spaces—perfect for backyard living.

Kanga Room Systems offer both kit and turnkey cabins and city dwellings.

Texas-based Kanga Room Systems was created with the ability to create “just one more room.” Their shell kits and turnkey buildings can be used as granny pods, offices, art studios or as a rental space. Each product is divided into a cabin or dwelling price. Dwellings are homes that will be built inside city boundaries where costs and inspections are generally higher. Cabins are homes built in an area with less strict building codes.

The kits can be purchased as single or multiple units.

The pre-cut kit homes are delivered to each customer with pre-framed walls and panelized roof materials. The kits also include all siding, house wrap, optional interior framing, and windows and doors. All electrical, plumbing, painting and interior work is completed by the customer.

Options include breezeways and space for extra storage.

The turnkey homes are move-in ready with all electrical and plumbing completed by contractors. These homes include pier and beam foundations, wall framing, fiber cement siding, Galvalume roof, hot water heater, insulation, flooring, all interior doors, kitchen and bathroom counters and cabinets. In addition, all bathroom hardware, sinks, and showers are also included.

Interiors with lofts, studios or open space are completely up to the customer.

The home options are what really make the Kanga Rooms special. These options include seven-foot side and front decks, overhangs, breezeway decks that connect multiple Kangas, cedar accents, open joint siding, interior hardwood and transom windows.

Texas-based Kanga Room Systems ship their products nationwide.

Photos by Kanga Room Systems

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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