Irish Modular Homes from The Big Red Barn

Just like the rest of Europe, Ireland is also seeing a fast rising cost in housing. The average cost of a house is around €261,000 or $288,000. Dónal Byrne, the owner of The Big Red Barn Company in County Mayo is hoping to remedy some of the cost with his small, modular homes.

The homes can come with a large covered deck.

Photos by The Big Red Barn Company

For years, The Big Red Barn Company built modular buildings for special events, festivals and corporate clients in both Ireland and Britain. The company decided to build modular buildings for people who could only get small home loans in the €50,000 range. The single and two-story modular structures can be used as tiny homes, studios, office units, or temporary storage and start at around €41,000 or $45,000.

The interiors are custom made and feature Scandinavian pine walls.

What makes these types of modular homes very interesting is the option for a massive deck with an overhanging roof. This expands the living space into the outside during warm or even colder months.

The homes can be both single or two-story with full bedrooms and baths.

The homes come certified and pre-wired. They also have insulated roof sheeting, custom kitchens and bathrooms, an interior layout of your choice, and a 25-year guarantee. Even better, the homes can be installed in one day on a pier foundation.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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