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Pre-fab retreats can be plucked down anywhere. Even in your own backyard. Cabin Fever, is a great article written by Lisa Selin Davis in the latest ReadyMade Magazine.

Lisa states the following in the article:

We don’t have to tell you that bigger isn’t always better. But a few extra square feet, in the form of a separate structure that lets you get away from it all? Where do we sign? Today, modular, kit, and prefab units are gaining traction-and being constructed in locales all around the world. And the best news of all. They’re actually affordable.

MiniHome $119,000

Whether you prefer the industrial muscle of a shipping container or the sleek lines of a cabana to use as an instant studio, office, or escape-from-the-family hermitage, there are now several options on the market (some under $10,000 for 100 square feet). The kicker is the red tape. Some communities insist on minimum sizes for dwellings, or require permits if you add anything more than 100 square feet or with electricity to your property. To skirt the problem, many manufacturers are putting their properties on wheels or including self-contained energy systems-so you can stay off the grid and out of the local housing commission’s hair. We talked to a few designers of mini modulars, and their inhabitants, to get the scoop on small additions.

Lisa than writes several short stories with pictures of tiny prefabs that range in price from $119,000 down to about $1,700 do it yourself projects. Below are a few sample pictures of what you can expect in her article.

The Tiny House Blog has a few of these pre-fabs on the list to cover in more detail in future posts so stay tuned.

In the meantime go read this great article at ReadyMade Magazine.




Do it Yourself around $1,700

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Daniel - April 20, 2008 Reply

I was just reading the website the other day. These are some great ideas for smaller spaces. At this point, I would love to do build a smaller/smarter home.
Thanks for the info. -Dan

Kent - April 20, 2008 Reply

Thanks Daniel. I’m glad the site is informative and would like to encourage you to build a smaller/smarter home. Good luck and keep us posted.

Denise - April 21, 2008 Reply

I read that article in ReadyMade when it came out. They are great ideas, though for me, I need something tiny and financially practical. I already live in a really small space already but it’s very old (over 50 yrs) and the repairs would be significant. I think it takes away from the idea of “downsizing” to spend $100,000 and more. I’d really like to see what creative people do with $20,000 or less. I am looking at a container home because you can get them very cheap, you can start with a 20′ one and add on, you can have them moved fairly easily, and because one with a little rust and would make it look more like storage to the property inspectors. These homes are also highly wind resistant though I would still tie mine down.

Also, in our state, Florida, property is photographed from the air so they try real hard to tax you as much as possible (though they get it wrong a lot). The US makes it very difficult to be poor or at least to live cheaply with all the taxes and “fees.”

Kent - April 21, 2008 Reply

Hi Denise – I like your idea of seeing what people can do with $20,000 or less. I will see what I can find out, and any readers out there who know of something, please contact me using the contact form above if you have any ideas or suggestions.

As far as container homes go, there are several manufacturers out there with a few ideas in this area. I have not written about those yet on this site but need to soon. Do a google search and you will find at least a couple of them.

Keep us posted on what you do in replacing your small home.

Jerry - February 11, 2009 Reply

Great site you have here, I’ve been subscribed to your RSS for a few months now, & really enjoy your post. So many great ideas.

I did notice that the chimney in this post (link below), looks dangerously close to the roof edge? Otherwise, a very smart design.×300.png

    Kent - February 11, 2009 Reply

    Good point, I’m assuming they are doing ok with it as I have not heard of it burning down. That’s something to think about when building or designing your home.

Luigi Fulk - January 10, 2010 Reply

Hi – Wow, what a great blog. Found another free community for a staycation.

Steve - January 24, 2010 Reply

Tried to find the modular dwelling plans from Readymade but links didn’t work. Theirs, not yours.

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