How Much Will You Spend?

In my last survey we asked what kind of foundation people wanted we learned that about 50% of people want a house on a permanent foundation. My friend Michael at the ran a similar survey and discovered that 40% of people wanted a 400 square foot small house. So the next question…

Bungalow in a Box

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6 thoughts on “How Much Will You Spend?”

  1. I would suggest that you might want to add in a range such as 0-$5000 and $5001 to $10,000

    Personally, I’m going to spend less than $5000 including having purchased my 1 acre of land to put it on…

    Good poll though. It does not surprise me that most people see that paying $45000+ for a “tiny house” is absurd, especially hen you can buy or “recycle” and old RV for so much less and have more ammenities…

  2. I put down $10K but with my current planning, Its closer to $12K. I’m not looking so much at recycled building materials, rather, looking for good quality materials to begin with, such as, Denim Insulation, pine interior, Low-E windows… Right now, I’m overseas so my planning will change between now and when I get back home.

    (decided to add my so called blog. Not much on it but it’s a start)


  3. Hi Dan,

    Really enjoyed your blog. Keep it up and keep us posted on your progress. Be careful overseas. We sure appreciate what you are doing for all of us over there.


  4. I was just thinking of an idea for another poll.. I was curious as to how tiny of a house a person has or is considering to build. Maybe in 50sqft. increments or so; 1-50, 51-100, 100-150..etc.

  5. I lived in a 560 sq ft home before and loved it. I’m not a pack-rat – small is fine. I work from my laptop.
    I don’t know where i want to live yet, and I have two horses, and more an more I’m thinking of buying a used gooseneck live-in horse trailer, and changing the interior to fit what i need. This way I can travel to the national parks to ride in, have my home and my office with me – and my horses. i can also unhitch my truck if I have to go places. Has anyone done this before me? Big question…how can I keep my internet connection? (all else I can do off the grid, already figured that out) But the internet.. 🙁


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