Village Farm Tiny Home Community In Austin, TX Includes Gardening, Music, Amenities, and More

There has been a lot of excitement around the City Of The Violet Crown: Austin, Texas.

Austin, the state capital of Texas, is an inland city bordering the Hill Country region. Home to the University of Texas flagship campus, Austin is known for its eclectic live-music scene centered around country, blues and rock. It is also well known for its many parks and lakes that entertain with hiking, biking, swimming, and boating. What may not be so well known though is that the average rent in the city is right at $926 for monthly rent for a 480 sq.ft. unfurnished studio in a standard neighborhood. The average family home has trumped the $400,000 mark and those prices continue to rise annually. People are being priced out of the market. Austinites are searching for an affordable type of housing that allows them a sense of ownership, the ability to integrate into a community, live amongst other professionals, and even become part of the growing tiny house architectural trend. Enter Village Farm.

Just east of Austin proper, a group of housing and “community experience” professionals including Scott Roberts, owner of Roberts Resorts have been working hard the past year and continue to stay dedicated to creating the nation’s first Agrihood, which is an exciting partnership between true agriculture and inviting neighborhood. Village Farm is the next logical phase of what will mark 50-plus years of manufactured home and RV park success.

“We are talking to people about lifestyle, sustainability, community, and like-mindedness,” said Roberts. “Oh, and they’re affordable!” This doesn’t even mention the key lifestyle amenities being offered to the burgeoning tiny home community.

“The houses are going to back up to Green Gate Farms, the community’s organic garden and face an open green space,” Roberts said. “There will be a rustic barn, too, for culinary projects. We’re going to have hay in the barn and white linens on the table.

The idea of a tiny house community building from tried and true components of RV parks and manufactured home communities is beyond encouraging. When the community opens in full capacity it will feature 112 sites geared toward all age groups with homes built by AthensClaytonPlatinum and Wheelhaus tiny homes. Homes will average 399 sq.ft. and will cost from $69,995 with the potential for some models to reach $150,000 (luxury is everything!). Additionally, residents will be responsible for monthly payment of lot rent at about $600. The $600 does include cable and WiFi. Resident amenities include

  • 2 swimming pools
  • Hot tub
  • On-site events
  • Pavillion with grills and tables
  • Dog parks
  • Community gathering areas
  • Gas pits
  • Outdoor ping pong tables
  • Upkeep of all the roads, sidewalks, streetlights, etc

The homes seem to just be the appetizer though as Village Farm residents will get a slate of programmed activities, a general store in the community, parking spaces at the edge of the community, a water-harvesting program, shareable meals with an “Austin Authentic” menu, as well as community transportation that could include a shareable zip car. It is a community in the truest sense. And it’s happening right now in Austin, TX.

To find out more about Village Farm and to track its progress or arrange for a tour, visit the Facebook page or call (512) 926-8984.


5 thoughts on “Village Farm Tiny Home Community In Austin, TX Includes Gardening, Music, Amenities, and More”

  1. What a fantastic project! The idea of building a unique community as well as unique houses is something that goes together so seamlessly, but is too often parceled out in development planning. Developers large and small can learn something form this! Thanks for sharing this inspiring story!

  2. After scoping it out, the idea is much better on paper. Oak Forest RV Park looks like it is converting to have the outside perimeter as tiny homes. The spaces are very tight RV spaces; there’s no chance to have a yard or sense of personal space without involving the neighbor…though the home designs are fabulous.

  3. I just checked these out..cute homes. From my understanding those who first purchase will be temporary set up in the rv spaces. Once phase II is ready to move houses on to lots then those in the temporary set up will get moved (courtesy of builder) on the first choice of lot with in phase II. If this is incorrect information – please advise?

    • Margaret, we have actually put a deposit down on one of the homes and this is the information that was given to us. However, that being said we have had some communication issues with the management. We are still working with them, but have started to consider other options as well. The community is cute and has lots of great amenities for the price ($600 per month lot rent). But we want to make sure the management is up to snuff before making a final commitment.


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