Tiny House Test Drive

Tiny House Test Drive


More photos and information on the Light Haus http://wheelhaus.com/the-lighthouse/

by Steve Snyders

Fireside Resort offering Tiny House ‘Try It Before You Buy It’ Promotion

Jackson Hole, Wyo. – Want to test the waters before diving into the ‘tiny house’ movement? Fireside Resort Jackson Hole has teamed up with Wheelhaus cabins to offer guests the opportunity to ‘try it before you buy it’. From October 1, 2014 – April 15, 2015 guest who book a stay at Fireside Resort can use promo code TBYB to receive 20% off and then if the guest decides to buy a Wheelhaus rolling cabin, Wheelhaus will reimburse the cost of the stay. It’s rare to get to test drive a house, but this is that opportunity and in prime ski season in Jackson Hole. Go to http://wheelhaus.com/try-buy/ to learn more or call 307-733-7700.

Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole offers 23 cabins for rent minutes from Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole. These cabins offer 400 square feet of rustic/modern charm with progressive space management, innovative design, and top of the line building materials. Nightly rates range from $225 – $375.


See more pictures and information on the Caboose http://wheelhaus.com/caboose/

The cabins on wheels by Wheelhaus sleep four with one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen/living room and a private deck. The bedroom is sized to accommodate a king-size bed and includes a set of four drawers and an under-counter hanging closet that supports a counter-top which also serves as a desk.

The kitchen includes a two-burner cooktop, under-counter refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, sink, granite counter tops, and high-grade cabinetry with soft close doors. The bathroom maximizes space and function offering top-of-the-line glass showers and Kohler fixtures.

Other details include hardwood floors, wiring for cable and internet, and optional fireplace or air conditioner.

Fireside Resort is less than 10 minutes from Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole ski area and 40 minutes from Grand Targhee ski area.


More photos and information on the Railcar http://wheelhaus.com/the-rail-car/

About Wheelhaus:

Wheelhaus designs and builds Park Model Homes with the highest standards of sustainable building and innovative design. Wheelhaus cabins are a blend of rustic and modern; combining the durability and quality craftsmanship of a log cabin with a modern focus on energy efficiency, innovative design, progressive space management, and top of the line building materials. Wheelhaus cabins exceed the requirements for the Gold standard with the U.S. Green Building Council. Wheelhaus offers several different designs with visually descriptive names like Wedge, Railcar, Caboose and ModHaus at base prices from $82,000 to $96,500 with delivery available from coast-to-coast. See all of the designs and floorplans at www.wheelhaus.com.


See more pictures and information on the Wedge http://wheelhaus.com/the-wedge/

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Ron - December 19, 2014 Reply

Why are the interiors of these house shown?

Makes one wonder. Ron

Cheryl - December 19, 2014 Reply

It sleeps 4, however all that is mentioned is a king size bed/one bedroom. You’re not suggesting all to sleep in one bed are you?

    Vin - December 24, 2014 Reply

    This model shows a loft with 2 twin beds

Joyce - December 19, 2014 Reply

The lighted photos do not give adequate view of the interior. Nor do I see any measurements listed to tell us if the Wheelhouse requires a special permit to move. The few outside photos do show a nice modern design. With ‘top of the line’ building materials, the purchase price cannot be easily obtained by the average person.

beejsteph - December 19, 2014 Reply

Why Does A Test Run To See If One Loves Or Hates Tiny House Living Have To Cost Such An Exorbitant Amount Of Money?? 225.00-375.00 Dollars A Night…REALLY!!! Tiny House Living Is About Getting Back To Basics, And Paring Down And Being A Minimalist, And Leaving Less Of A Footprint In This World…And While You Have Done An AMAZING JOB On These Rentals…I Am NOT Trying To Pad Your Greedy Bank Accounts To Find Out If I Do Or Don’t Want To Live In A Tiny Home…Sorry, No Can Do!! And How Many Families All Sleep In One Bed???? None That I Know Of…Make One Or 2 Of Those With A 2nd Bdrm, A Couchbed, A Loft…Something!! I Would NOT Sleep My Whole Family Of Four In One Bed!!!

AVD - December 19, 2014 Reply

At least two of the four images shown a CAD design images used for promotion rather than the “real building”.


Mike Wofsey - December 19, 2014 Reply

Jeez, after reading these comments was expecting a tiny house with a burned-out interior for an exhorbinant price, with four people sleeping in a bed and a test-run on a factory lot somewhere.

But I looked at the site that the blog linked and I found:

1. This house is expensive as tiny houses go, but not really too bad considering the apparently quality of components and workmanship.

2. The test-run is the cost to stay at a luxury ski resort and a couple hundred a night is fairly resonable for such accomodations.

3. The video images suggest that the couch in the living area is probably where te other two people would sleep, as in weekend guests or something.

4. The interior is very well done, visually at least, and it seems to provide a lot of comfortable living space.

I really like this home, I suspect they’re going to sell a lot of them. It seems to have the space of a mobile home but the build-quality of a tiny home.

    Jack Coleman - February 5, 2015 Reply

    You can build one for 12000. Better than those (IF) your a construction tradesman. He’ll for 20 if you make a weekend camp & baroque & some tradesman. Weekend barbque w/ beer &food with 10 guys. Believe me I’ve been a roofer for 26yrs. Try it you’ll like it

Cecco - December 19, 2014 Reply

The Tiny House Movement is a fraud. The houses often cost way more in square feet than an actual house, complete with land. As for this “offer”…yeah, forget it. Tiny houses are rich people’s toys.

    alice h - December 20, 2014 Reply

    My tiny house definitely won’t be a rich person’s toy! If I had that amount of cash in discretionary income it would be going towards building materials. You could really go nuts at the Restore with a couple of hundred bucks! I already know how to live in a small space, I’ve been living in small and tiny spaces for years.

    Skooj - December 22, 2014 Reply

    Unless you build it yourself, then yes, a tiny house will cost more per square foot than a traditional home, because square footage is the cheapest thing you can add to a house and, in general, the larger you make it, the cheaper it is.

Lisa - December 21, 2014 Reply

Yeeeah…I’m starting to get icky feelings in my gut these days with some of the tiny homes out there.

Seems like some architects found out about the movement, and then realized there was a market for wealthy hippies to buy something smaller than a NYC apartment for a ridiculous price. I mean, good for them, but this is getting a little absurd. $85,000 for 400 sq. ft.? You have to be kidding me.

Steven Pitchford - December 21, 2014 Reply

Style always comes at a premium and is rarely worth it. We just bought our grandson a set of BEATS headphones because they are “cool”, (does anybody use that word any more), I meant to say they are “sick”. And they cost almost double the price of their nearest competitor. I wouldn’t buy them for myself, my old $20 Sony’s still work fine. I love my grandson and want him to be styling and also to think I’m hip to what’s cool today. What ever blow your skirt up!

Happy trails,

Case - December 22, 2014 Reply

I work as a design associate at an architectural firm. We primarily design high end residential housing. While $96,000 may sound step for a rolling house on wheels, that price per sqft, of $240 falls right in line with the average sqft price in Central Oregon. The houses that we design, rarely come close to that, being closer to $350-$400 sqft regardless of design. Sure a house can still be built at $100 sqft, but it will be bare bones and has to be a cookie cutter design.

Fredrick Krieger - December 22, 2014 Reply

Yes, the prices for these superb cabins are higher than many, but look at the quality of architectural design, materials and construction! If you want “absurd” & “ridiculous” pricing, all you have to do is see TINY HOUSE LISTINGS for some highly over-rated and overpriced junk cobbled-together by tasteless incompetents. If you want tasteful & unique designs, quality engineering, materials and construction go to Wheel Haus, Alchemy Architects’ WEE HOUSES, or Form and Forest cabins. CASE’S remarks, above, are right on-point!

Mike Wofsey - December 23, 2014 Reply

Like any market, the tiny house market is going to have some segmentation, and there are going to be wealthy people who are happy to plunk down a hundred large for a factory-made tiny house, along with folks who build their home on the cheap with salvaged materials.

But is that a bad thing? Wealthy people getting a taste of living lean? Isn’t that FAR more preferable to working class folks like most of us pining for and wishing we had the mansions of the wealthy?

The tiny house movement is a movement in the purest form … regular people have found a secret back door out of the perpetual trap of mortgages, eternal debt and lives filled with too much stuff, and they have found a replacement that is nearly as comfortable as the economic slavery they left.

So wealthy people want to taste it and they’re willing to pay high dollar for it? Good! Let’s use our expertise to help them and maybe profit off of them and live lives the way we want to live rather than chained to a desk for the rest of our lives paying for a home that we don’t really want while living in 10% of the space while the rest holds a bunch of stuff that we rarely use?

And when I build my tiny house? I’m going to shamelessly crib from all of these beautiful designs even though I’m going to build mine on the cheap. Good design is good design, it doesn’t necessary need to cost more if I’m willing to put in the elbow grease, and the designers of this home have created good design in my opinion.

Kellen - December 24, 2014 Reply

I think I’ve had my fill of the tiny house movement. Seems like an overpriced trend that I am growing tired of. I wonder how these will hold their value. By the time you purchase the house and property, plus the prep work on the land, it is a big investment.

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