SLEDhaus: Modular Luxury in 572 Square Feet

IronTown Homes, based in Spanish Fork, Utah, has been building modular homes for over 25 years. Their first foray into the tiny house market is with the brand new SLEDhaus. The SLEDhaus is having its debut at the Utah Valley Parade of Homes.

SLEDhaus is still in the initial phase, but this 572 square foot recreational home fits a lot of luxury into a small space. The house has one bedroom and one bath, a spacious living area with several full-length sliders and a full kitchen. The home can even sleep up to seven adults.

The SLEDhaus living area features full-length windows and an optional wood stove.

Pre-built in a factory in Utah, it comes complete with hardwood flooring, carpeting, quartz countertops and luxury features like 10 foot tall wood ceilings, tankless water heater and full-size appliances. The home includes a laundry center and an optional wood burning stove. The house has a contemporary look with wood and metal siding as well as two covered decks.

The SLEDhaus can be seen in Utah during this month’s Utah Valley Parade of Homes.

Each SLEDhaus is built to IRC code and is solar and off-grid capable. Once ordered the house can be delivered to your site in a few weeks. The SLEDhaus starts at $105,000. Financing and delivery options are also available.


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

Photos by IronTown Homes/SLEDhaus

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Jimmy - June 12, 2017 Reply

They built a trailer home and called it a tiny house. The glass walls are lack privacy, security, and expensive if broken, lack of insulation with glass walls. There is no loft, 14 feet by 40 feet is a trailer.. Tankless water heater is good. Porch is good. Designers need to look at actual tiny houses to get a better design.

Andi Williams - June 15, 2017 Reply

It looks good. I think the reason why it’s not really a “tiny” house because it offers luxury. For a luxurious home, this could already be tiny. However, this needs to be placed on a property that has space for a mini garden or has a nice view because of the glass walls. Then you also have to secure your privacy and safety as Jimmy has pointed out.

Chris - July 29, 2017 Reply

Awesome tiny home. The west coast and Florida Tiny Homes look similar with their beach style designs.

John Holmes - June 8, 2018 Reply

As far as privacy, there are these things called curtains and blinds. And French doors would look better than the glass sliding doors and offer a measure of security. It’s a great looking design with much more living space than most tiny houses.

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