Real Simple

A reporter reflects on the Tiny House Movement By Sarah Protzman Howlett I’ve always, always loved small spaces. As a kid, I’d scoop up my dolls, Walkman, blanket and pillow, and move into the half-bathroom, settling into the tub with a Beverly Cleary book. It sounds silly, but it was freedom: … Read more

Livin’ Large, Living Tiny

Guest Post by R Blank (this is a repost from his original blog) My wife and I have now been living tiny for several months. For those who don’t know, tiny homes (living units under roughly 200sq’) have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years. When we researched many … Read more

From 5600 to 800 Square Feet- And Lovin’ It!

Guest Post by Derek Diedricksen The following is an interview with Dustin “Dr. Demolition” Diedricksen, as conducted by his brother Derek/”Deek” from and “Tiny Yellow House” TV on youtube. As it mentions the duos Vermont Cabin quite a bit, be sure to check out their video tour that was shot last year (Tiny … Read more

Composting Toilet

Following is a guest post by Walt Barrett. I promised that I would write an article about the composting toilets that we build, so here it is. It includes my idea of a sliding adjustable urine separator. The customers that we have using this toilet are very happy with it. … Read more