Santa Fe Cabin

Lyle Congdon of Jalopy Cabins sent me an update of their most recent cabin and I thought you would enjoy seeing some pictures of it. I’ll let Lyle tell you more.

A few months ago we were contacted by a gentleman, Pierr, who wanted to view the Ski Hut. After driving up to visit he decided he wanted something a little smaller and the plans for The Santa Fe cabin were put into action. Pierr wanted a tiny house to put on his property south of Santa Fe, NM as he spends a lot of weekends there exploring and hiking. The small cabin would be a place to relax in after a long day of being outside or to escape from less than ideal weather.

Working with Pierr, we built a custom door and cabinet that is about 40 inches tall due to his height (he’s about 6’6?!) – standard vanity height is 32 inches. More importantly we worked with him to ensure that window placement was just right, so he would have great views from the site he had already prepared.

Pierr also provided us with the lumber for the cabinet as well as the sink and the hardware for the front door. All items were purchased for his main home years ago and never used. We love to recycle or repurpose things here at Jalopy Cabin so that worked out perfectly!

The cabin is wired for electricity even though there is currently no power at the site. Someday Pierr plans on running the cabin on solar and there is a great storage area for the batteries built in under the porch.

Since the cabin was built on a trailer it was easy to haul from our location in Colorado to New Mexico and if Pierr ever decides he wants a different view on his property, it will be as simple as hooking it up and going to the next location!

If you have any more questions about his cabin or would like one that is similar, please contact us at or call 970-903-3384.

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Joe - June 12, 2011 Reply

Very nice, but that thing has to be heavy enough to need a tank to tow it…

What is the weight on something like that?

    Kent Griswold - June 12, 2011 Reply

    I’ll get Lyle or Wolf to pitch in with the weight details, good question!

Liz Brimm - June 12, 2011 Reply

Dear Folks,
Would you consider posting the floor plan and some more interior pictures? Thank you!

Lyle - June 12, 2011 Reply

Hi June!

While being heavy it wasn’t too bad! We pulled the cabin to Santa Fe with our old 3/4 Ton Dodge Diesel. I’m not certain on exact weight (I would have to check with Wolf) but I think it weighed around 7,000lbs.

Thanks for the question,

dave - June 12, 2011 Reply

It looks like a common trailer from around here. Did you take out the 2×8 planks on the trailer? And does he step down to trailer level inside or is that area filled with plumbing and the “Battery Space” you talked about?

Steve Jones - June 13, 2011 Reply

This house really looks at home in its landscape! It’s great to see people taking different approaches to tiny homes all the time. Do you have any other interior pictures, or is it basically an empty room with a vanity?

Arlos - June 13, 2011 Reply

Wouldn’t this be like building a canoe out of bricks or an adobe on wheels? It doesn’t seem practical I hope this is moved only once and the owner never sees high winds, steep grades or has to lock up the brakes.

Gabrielle Songe - June 13, 2011 Reply

Perfect for the environment and great place to get out of the weather after hiking.

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