Just Park It: Snowbirds Hibernate South To Florida Fun

Try It Tiny offers many options in the state of Florida, both for tiny house rentals and also private land rentals. Here’s a map of the offerings and we’ve highlighted some below:

Lake Butler, Florida


Enjoy living on this farm with horses, goats and more while still benefiting from proximity to the Sante Fe River (2 minutes) and Gainesville (~30 minutes). Tumble Farm has something for everyone.

Nokomis, Florida


Positioned midway between St. Petersburg and Fort Meyers, this property is near Nokomis Beach and walking distance to several restaurants. The Hosts describe the quiet, tucked away parking spot as offering privacy and more.

Alachua, Florida


Located just twenty minutes to Gainesville, park your tiny house on a private lake in Alachua, Florida. Water-lovers are at home in this location; as springs and rivers are abundant.

Sarasota, Florida


Just passing through? Opt for a pristine location in one of the most notable beaches in the country in Sarasota. Close to Siesta Key, you can enjoy restaurant options, boutique shopping, sight-seeing and pristine ocean views.

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Shannon - September 12, 2017 Reply

Kind of odd timing for this post? Are any of these places affected by Irma? I would guess so.

    Kent Griswold - September 12, 2017 Reply

    Yes, this was timing was planned before Irma. I don’t know but I am sure many were affected by it as it covered the whole state.

    JL - September 13, 2017 Reply

    Odd timing, indeed. How people were affected by the storm was hit-or-miss, so anyone interested in these properties should contact the owners. Many may be just fine. We had running water after the storm and power within 36 hours, while east of us folks were hit by a small tornado. Uncle went through eye of storm on the west coast and never lost power or water, but had 2 feet of water on condo development grounds. Another uncle nearby in flood zone did not flood. Weird storm.

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