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In the very early days of the Tiny House Blog back in 2007, I was mainly blogging about different types of construction. I was a big fan of straw bale construction and during my search on the internet, I came across Andrew Morrison and StrawBale.com.

I was fascinated with his instructional CDs and ordered several of them immediately. I contacted Andrew and his wife Gabriella responded to my query. I wanted to share their instructional CDs with my readers on the Tiny House Blog. They were both excited to participate and it was their introduction to the exciting new world of tiny house living.

Since that time Andrew and Gabriella have become deeply involved in the modern tiny house movement.

Andrew designed and built hOMe, their own tiny house, and created plans to go along with it. He made them available for sale at their website.

Andrew also started doing tiny house workshops around the country. Andrew has previous experience with hands-on workshops through his straw bale business where he goes around the country and helps people build their own straw bale home.

During Andrew’s tiny house workshops he travels to different cities around the world and lectures about design and construction. Since 2006, Andrew has taught over 2,500 participants at his workshops.

Unfortunately, like many of you I have never been able to attend one of his workshops. Until now!

Andrew and Gabriella have just introduced their first online workshop. You can attend it at any time and take it at your own pace.

I’m really excited about this and have been going through the workshop myself and want to share it with you.

The workshop is broken down into easy to watch segments. Here is a outline of what you get with the “Learn How to Build a Tiny House” course:

  • SECTION 1: Tools, Design & Road Rules
  • SECTION 2: Foundations
  • SECTION 3: Framing Systems
  • SECTION 4: Drying In
  • SECTION 5: Utilities
  • SECTION 6: Finishing Up

In the other course titled “Create a Beautiful Tiny Life” here is the outline:

  • SECTION 7: Codes and Zoning
  • SECTION 8: Money, Insurance & Contracts
  • SECTION 9: Creating the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of

These workshops can be purchased separately or together for a lower price. I personally would recommend getting both courses.

Andrew also includes some fantastic bonuses. When you purchase both courses you will receive over $269 worth of these helpful extras:

  • hOMe digital plans
  • Materials List
  • hOMe SketchUp plans
  • All 4 How-To Videos (6+ hours instruction)
  • Tool list
  • How to read plans video

Andrew and Gabriella have also offered an exclusive discount to Tiny House Blog readers for a limited time as well.

If you purchase now and use the discount code THB at checkout you will receive 25 percent off the Digital Workshop. Click Here!

I would encourage you to take advantage of this offer before it goes away. Join other participants who have taken this course and have gone on to build their own tiny houses.

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