Aqua Casa Houseboat

Aqua Casa Houseboat, The Boat of Your Dreams!

In an earlier post we featured the berkeley-engineering’s Cape Codder and I have been wanting to feature another one of their tiny house boats the Aqua Casa.

The Aqua Casa Houseboat is the result of years of boat design and building experience. These boats can be built by the amateur builder with little or no boat-building experience.


The are fully trailerable. This boat can double as a self-contained travel trailer, which you can use for any purpose, whether it is a weekend getaway or an extended trip on the road. The Aqua Casas are easy to transport anywhere that you can take your tow vehicle. You can camp in a campground or sleep on the lake! This boat gives you great versatility!

You will find a complete galley, a bright and airy cabin, full headroom, plenty of storage and storage space, complete with RV appliances, a private enclosed head, a fold-out bed, and inside or outside helm.

The Aqua Casa houseboat comes in a 16 foot model or a 20 foot model. Photos are of the 16 foot. There is a scan below of the spec sheet for the 20 foot Aqua Casa houseboat.

These houseboats easily carry 2-6 people. They can be outfitted with a 3 to 30 HP outboard motor. These boats cost about $3,500 to build, excluding motor, trailer and controls.

The Aqua Casa 20 is a larger version of the 16 foot boat. It has more spacious cabin room, and all of the features of the 16 foot version. The controls are also accessible from inside or outside the cabin. The 20 foot boat has room for a small dinette set.

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Ken Wong - August 29, 2013 Reply

How can I buy the Aqua casa Houseboat?

dawn - March 23, 2014 Reply

i too like like infomation on were to go and find these boat to buy and build! anyone know the million dollar question?

Mike - August 2, 2014 Reply

The plans are available here:

GARCIA - September 19, 2014 Reply

I should thank you to send me information of prices of the 16 foot with 20 HP aquaboat.
Thanks and best regards

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