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A Caribbean Makeover

Meet Varuna, a 1968 Allied Luders 33 sailboat that was miraculously brought back to life just two short years ago.

Once a derelict and unwanted little mess of a boat, the unthinkable happened on July 5, 2013. Matt and Hillary Wilson bought her with a bright and cheery vision, and a little determination.  Piece by piece they turned Varuna into a tiny floating dream home!


On Matt and Hillary’s blog, Very Well Salted, you can find a complete collection of posts documenting the transformation: DIY Boat Projects

There, you’ll find posts they wrote about everything from installing a flexible water tank, adding insulation for the fridge, cutting a custom-shaped foam mattress, repairing the sink, exterior painting, interior painting, replacing light fixtures, storage solutions, and much more!

IMG_5255 IMG_5492  IMG_6128

IMG_6145  IMG_6160


In order to fully appreciate the amount of work that went into this makeover, just take a quick look at these amazing before-and-after photos:















Over the same past two years, I’ve poured a good amount of blood, sweat and tears into my own tiny floating home, though my efforts cannot even compare to the work that was done on Varuna. This little boat is nothing short of inspirational to me, and I hope to everyone else that has ever thought about making their dreams come true!


If you’d like to know more about Matt and Hillary, visit their ABOUT US page on their blog!

Hillary is also a photographer. If you’re interested in seeing some of her work, visit www.hillarywphotography.com


(All photos published with permission, courtesy of www.verywellsalted.com)

By Jody Pountain for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Sue - September 4, 2015 Reply

OMG!!! What an incredible makeover! The ‘before’ & ‘after’ shots are remarkable!!!

Lisa E. - September 5, 2015 Reply

All I can say is, “Wow”. What a wonderful job these two have done. It’s so inviting now, it makes me want to go sailing!

Bravo! Job exceptionally well done. Keep us posted on your travels! 😀

Dee - September 5, 2015 Reply


Brigitte - September 6, 2015 Reply

What an absolutely GORGEOUS job you’ve done! You should be very proud, she’s a beauty!

MARC - September 8, 2015 Reply

just an wow …i am looking olso for a ship and i hope to get the Passion to work it in a way like that !

Cat & Will Marks | SV Paradox - September 14, 2015 Reply

Wow – what a truly fantastic job! It’s great to see inspiration out there for floating home makeovers.

Mike - September 20, 2015 Reply

I love the feeling you get when you see something neglected, restored to something beautiful and functioning again. Thank you for my inspiration for today.

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