Starting Over in her Tiny House with Downstairs Home Office

Tracey recently moved into a 260-square-foot tiny house with a downstairs home office. She’s relieved to be starting over in a cozy home. Securing affordable housing in the Durango, Colorado, area had previously been a challenge, especially after being laid off twice and going through a devasting breakup. Fortunately, Tracey … Read more

She’s lived in 3 Tiny Houses! Her Top Advice

Over the past seven years, Brenda has lived in three tiny homes in various climates and locations. This experience, including a tragic towing misadventure, has given her much wisdom. Because of this, she’s passionate about helping others interested in tiny living learn from her experience. In November 2018, Brenda’s original … Read more

Fall Backyard Activities for Families

child reaching for leaves

‘Tis the season of fall. If you and your kids have been waiting for the breezy winds and falling leaves, this is the time for you. Fall is the best time for you and your kids to get out of the home and enjoy the season in its full bloom. … Read more

Tiny House Design with Incredible Space-Saving Stairs

Korallus Tiny Homes builds tiny homes on their dreamy homestead in Colorado. They also rent out their flagship design, the Aspen, a farmhouse tiny house with incredible space-saving stairs. The key to their success is utilizing the trailer tongue for staircase placement. “It is a small space, it’s 24-foot. But … Read more

You Just Bought a Tiny House: Now What?

bought a tiny house

You did it. You signed your purchase agreement and paid for your tiny home. It’s yours. Celebrate this significant purchase and relish what this next chapter in your life will be like.  Once the initial celebration is over, stress and overwhelm might start to set in. There’s a whole lot … Read more