Her Sweet Permitted Tiny House in Germany

Claudia lives in a simple, charming, and permitted tiny house dweller in Germany. She lives in the southern part of the country in a quaint village named Hopferbach. Importantly, the mayor and town council approved her home on wheels. Their only requirement was installing a sloped, red roof. So her … Read more

Alaska Overland Truck Cabin

truck camper

Truck House Life (formerly Full Send Alaskan Overland)… New videos every week! Learn how I built my Alaska overland truck cabin and the features it has. Simple but comfortable and a perfect home for me. If you have a dream similar to mine you can do it also with a … Read more

1956 Ford Grunnan Stepvan Tiny House

1956 Ford Grunnan Stepvan

It’s fun to browse through your local Facebook Market Place to see what options there are for tiny houses. Last week I stumbled upon this 1956 Ford Grunnan Stepvan which is available for $3,500. It has a title and was last licensed in 1980. When the owner purchased it the … Read more

$14k Tiny House Box Truck

box truck tiny house

Sawyer and Courtney built a cute tiny house inside of a box truck for just $14k, by using reclaimed materials. They even made a multi-purpose room with an elevator bed and clever have a collapsible table. They have given the box truck a fun name. Elfie. Sawer’s first experience with … Read more

Drive the Globe Tiny Home

Mercedes Unimog tiny home at Expo

When I was at the recent Overland Expo in Redmond, Oregon. I saw the Drive the Globe a huge vehicle turned into a tiny home on wheels. I wanted to share with you this option for traveling in a unique expedition home. In the Spring of 2020 Mike from Drive … Read more

The Box Truck Film

Box Truck

The Box Truck Film is making its official premiere on July 14, 2022, in Brockton, Massachusetts. Please check out the poster below for all the information. I had the privilege of getting a preview of it and I had a few questions for Derek “Deek” Diedricksen. He took the time … Read more

Introducing the Tiny Traveler Truck Camper

Are you looking for an adventure-ready tiny house?  Look no further than the brand-new Tiny Traveler by Tiny Smart House. It’s a beautiful blend of a tiny house on wheels and traditional truck camper, perfect for the nomad or vacationer. [pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Tiny Smart House”]Our inspiration for the Tiny Traveler … Read more

Sam’s Tiny House Truck

The year was 2017. I was living in an apartment by the beach in Santa Cruz, CA. It was a studio apartment and the landlord was charging $1350 a month plus utilities. Needless to say, I was getting fed up with all of it. Living in Santa Cruz has been … Read more