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Off-Grid Cottage in Vermont

Most people think of tiny houses as those on wheels. There are however many other options out there. Here is one that someone sent me for sale in Vermont. An off-grid cottage that includes land. At $75,000 the price is very similar to a lot of higher end tiny houses on wheels. This Little Cottage […]

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Tiny Houses for Sale in Washington State Right Now

Washington has become one of the most popular destinations in the country for folks looking to relocate for gorgeous wilderness, temperate seasons and some of the most progressive legislature to be found – but now, the Evergreen State is becoming known for tiny houses as well. If you’re interested in downsizing in Washington, check out […]

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10 Small Homes for Sale in Tennessee

11. Bonus Tiny House Located in the Smoky Mountain foothills of Cookeville, Tennessee, this Not Too Tiny home is within easy distance of your perfect location. Completely finished inside and out. Move to your property, hook up your utilities and snuggle in for the holidays! Spacious “tiny” living with 500 sq. ft., comfortable uncramped style. Full […]

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