Nomador: Housesitting for Nomads


Anyone who is interested in tiny homes or alternative living also seems to have a streak of nomadism running through their veins. Nomads like to experience a variety of different countries, cities, towns, and homes—especially for free or cheap. One service that hopes to blend nomadism with free places to … Read more

Solidbud’s Tiny Houses in Ukraine

Solidbud tiny house

Unless you are in the middle of a war, there is no way you can understand what the people of Ukraine are now facing. People all over the world are getting an up-front view of invasion and the strong people of this independent nation. Solidbud is located in the Rivne … Read more

Inspiring Tiny Home Shelter Villages in Washington State

tiny home shelter villages

Tiny home shelter villages for the homeless are popping all over Washington state. First, they appeared in Seattle. Like many US cities, Seattle is experiencing a staggering homelessness crisis. Low Income Housing Institute stepped in to help. Originally, they partnered with the city and other nonprofits, especially Nickelsville, to create … Read more

Tiny Homes for Camp Fire Survivors

In November of 2018, the most destructive, deadly fire in Californian history swept through Butte County. It hit the hardest in the towns of Paradise, Concow, and Magalia. As a result, almost 12,000 homes were destroyed. In May, an estimated 1,000 plus families still haven’t been able to secure even … Read more

Living Tiny, Legally: An Interview with the Filmmakers

I recently caught up with my friends and the co-producers behind Living Tiny, Legally, Alexis from Tiny House Expedition and Kai Rostcheck from I Love Tiny Houses, Tiny House Lending and Tiny House Dating. They have busy promoting their Indiegogo fundraising campaign for their documentary that will feature case studies … Read more

A Home For Sam

a home for sam

by Forrest Musselman We’re building a tiny home …for Sam, a man whose home was destroyed in front of the world – because of political pressure. Sam lived in his home in the woods for years. Because of political pressure, his “tent” home was destroyed. A video of Sam watching … Read more