Tumbleweed Backyard Sheds & Tiny Houses Book Review

Today I received from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, Jay Shafer’s latest book called Tumbleweed DIY Book of Backyard Sheds & Tiny Houses. I decided to do something different with this review and have put together a video book review.

The drawback is for those with slow internet connections as you will not be able to watch it. Simply click on the graphic below and it will take you to the Tumbleweed sales page, there you will learn how to build a backyard cottage Tumbleweed Style. Okay here goes, it’s not perfect so be kind to me 🙂

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Deek - August 30, 2011 Reply

Jay’s one busy guy- book looks very cool and I’ll have to check it out at some point. Congrats Jay-

Zer0 - August 30, 2011 Reply

People with slow internet connections can lower the video quality to 240p and wait for it to finish loading.

As an alternative, you can use keepvid.com or saveyoutube.com to grab an mp4 of the youtube video and then post that either here or link to it after uploading to a file-sharing site ( http://www.multiupload.com works well). The folks could then download the video and watch it straight from their computers.

    Kent Griswold - August 30, 2011 Reply

    Thanks Zer0, I’ll check those out and see about doing that, appreciate the advice!

      ginmar - August 30, 2011 Reply

      You can also download youtubedownloader, which also does a nifty job of changing formats for you, if you want.

      I got this book just yesterday and have been barely able to contain myself at the thought of building one in my backyard—maybe two! I’d super insulate it to make it into a passif haus—-we have one of those at the State Fair now, designed and built by a bunch of UM students, and it’s the coolest place on the fairway—without air conditioning. So neat,a nd proof that you can accomplish a lot if you front load that sort of option into it. Plus they used all kinds of recycled materials, too.

Donna - August 30, 2011 Reply

Thanks for the review. I ordered one last week and can’t wait to get it!

Shalin - August 30, 2011 Reply

More cowbell! 😉 j/k
Thanks for the review Kent!


Rebecca - August 30, 2011 Reply

Hi Kent:
I’m a long-time reader of your blog and just wanted say hello and thanks for taking a risk at a video review…I loved it. I’ve always appreciated your honesty with this site and your limitations of god-forbid you live your life and do the best you can with the site. It’s a very human approach and I personally much prefer it to the overly polished and impersonal sites. Thanks for ALL the work you do and the ways you give to us all who enjoy your site so much! Nice to see your face!

    Kent Griswold - August 30, 2011 Reply

    Thank you for your kind words about the blog and my style of blogging. You can’t please all readers but that is why we have choices. I will try to brave a video every once in a while. It is something I would like to do but is out of my comfort and skill zone. Something to learn and have fun with though!

Heather - August 30, 2011 Reply

Nicely done Kent. 🙂

Alton - August 30, 2011 Reply

Great site will return love the little houses

Desmond - August 30, 2011 Reply

Hi Kent- Your blog is the only website I check on a daily basis. It’s great to put a face and a voice with the man behind the blog. Thanks for making the video.

Mike - August 30, 2011 Reply


I have just now discovered your fine and fun blog. I appreciate the work you put into it and really enjoyed your video review. It isn’t as easy as you think it would be is it?!

Great job and I look forward to more!

steve dubois - August 30, 2011 Reply

just got mine today! i love the detailed instructions n building a tiny home!

terminalcitygirl - August 30, 2011 Reply

Awe Ken, you are so sweet! I really appreciate your vid review and will likely fork over some cash for Jay’s book because of it.

MJ - August 31, 2011 Reply

Great review, Kent, and a fun format. I’m sure Jay appreciates it as much as we do! Thanks.

alice - August 31, 2011 Reply

I’d like to add my thanks to Kent for investing so much of his time and energy into keeping this blog for us. Checking in here is one of my favourite daily activities. Interesting, informative, sometimes controversial, but always appreciated.

April - September 1, 2011 Reply

Great book review! I liked the video and look forward to more in the future! I will be purchasing the book through tiny house blog because it is my favorite blog and I will support you any way I can!

Timberframer - September 2, 2011 Reply

Again a very nice job in your review. I also come to your site for the absolute latest in the tiny/small house world. Keep up the good work. Kudos to Jay for such a simple ,well written and beautiful graphics and photos. I have a copy and it takes alot of the intimidation out for the “do it yourselfer” It is a must for the “armchair” tiny house dreamer because it takes the mystery out.
Keep up the good work.
Bill Rockhill

cris - September 3, 2011 Reply

Kent, your video review of Jay’s book was great: personable, friendly, and informative. I’m going to order it myself as well as request our local library to do the same!

Looking forward to more video reviews and of course your awesome blog!

Kenise - September 6, 2011 Reply

OMG, the Zen looks just like my grandparents bungalow at Lake Hopatcong
Great review Kent. I’ve wanted to build a bungalow in my backyard for some time now and I think the Zen will be it. Thanks again

    Kent Griswold - September 6, 2011 Reply

    Thanks Kenise for your kind response, I’m hoping you will see more videos in the near future. Let me know if you build that bungalow and I’ll feature it here on the Tiny House Blog.

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