Tiny Houses Book Review

I recently received a book to review called Tiny Houses by Mimi Zeigler.
This book is a tiny 7 x 7 inch coffee table style book and is in the spirit of treading lightly on the earth. Mimi brings an international look at over thirty homes under 1000 square feet.

Tiny Houses is published by Rizzoli of New York and it is a beautiful book.

Through mostly pictures and descriptions and floor plans Mimi gives you many ideas of what living small and green is all about. These houses range from practical to conceptional and range from tree houses and pre-fab to floating homes.


A tiny house is an experiment of space but also a challenge to simplify ways of life. This book will inspire the reader to think about architecture and interior design in a new and enlightened way.

Here is what some publishers are saying about this book.

“The houses on display in this handsome volume, all beautifully and vividly photographed, point to more sustainable, less expensive ways to live.” ~Preservation Magazine

“In her adorably scaled-down coffee-table book, Tiny Houses, Mimi Zeiger argues that living small isn’t just ecologically sound but aesthetically pleasing.” ~Time Out New York

Mimi Zeiger is the founder and editor of Loud Paper Magazine, a cheeky architectural digest geared toward young architects. Zeiger also writes for Metropolis and Dwell magazines and teaches courses at SCI-Arc on urban branding and architectural journalism.

The Tiny Houses book is available at the Amazon book store for $19.77, list price is $29.95.






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