Living Rich on a Small Income

With more then 10,000 people retiring every day, Dave Taylor wanted to share his idea through a book on how these same people can live rich on a small income.

The goal of Dave’s book “Living Rich on a Small Income” is to look at some way to better spend your money, so that you can get the most out of life. At any age, this book will help guide you on how to take charge, learn how to save money on the less important things in your life, so you can spend the money on the important things in your life.

The largest decision is to where you are going to lodge and how you can fit downsizing into your life.

Dave has assembled designs in different sizes to help you visualize what downsizing for you will be. From 1500 square foot homes to 200 square foot homes, he shows what can be done to make the place you call home both comfortable and inviting.

Adding such features as an elevator to many of these homes makes it practical for the older generation as mobility decreases.

Looking at options such as full time RVing, tips on how to live that kind of life.

Living Tall – Live Rich is one of the chapters and Dave shows you how you can have a life of luxury in a small two story structure.

He also introduces you to Park Models and making a life using these homes.

Dave draws his knowledge from his years in the manufacturing business, including motorhome manufacturing. The book is filled with inspiring designs and ideas on ways to save money.

Dave and his wife Abbey spend much of their life full time RVing and also live on a boat part of the year.

I would highly recommend this book and encourage you to check it out. You can purchase it on Amazon by Clicking Here.

5 thoughts on “Living Rich on a Small Income”

  1. Just got this book from amazon, and went through it in like 5 minutes. Very disappointed that it was primarily floor plans. I was expecting more real-life experiences from author’s travels. I would not recommend this purchase.

  2. Sorry you missed the chapters about A New Beginning (downsizing,) Living the Concept, Living on the Road, Chapters on Park Models, Be an Energy Miser, Power for Living OFF the Grid, The RV Life Style, Gypsies in the 21st Century, and MORE. This was not to be a Travel Log. It is simply a presentation off some ideas for how to Live Rich on a Small Income.


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