The Big Tiny Book and Tour

Dee Williams book hit the shelves yesterday and she is currently on tour. I was one of the lucky few who had the privilege of previewing her book and I have to say it is wonderful and you must go out and purchase it or order either on Amazon or support your local (tiny) bookstore.

The Big Tiny

If you have a chance please put Dee’s tour in your schedule and stop by and visit with her and have her sign your copy of this book. Here is her schedule:

Dee has a way of writing that just pulls you in. I did not want to put the book down once I started reading it. It is both humorous and sad and Dee has a writing style that just keeps you turning the pages.

I wanted to get a video review done but did not make it so I have a couple other sources who have shared their thoughts through audio and video. So please enjoy and let’s make Dee’s book a best seller.

Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens shares her thoughts on the book.

Bryce from Living Big in a Tiny House

Deek from reviews The Big Tiny and a few other books in this video.

16 thoughts on “The Big Tiny Book and Tour”

    • to ET – – Amazon – because some of us don’t live in progressive towns that would stock Dee’s book in the small town bookstore. If it’s not promoted by Fox News – it does not make it on the shelves in the small bookstore in my town. So off to Amazon I go.

    • Nearest bookstore is 90 miles away. They’ll ship for an additional $14. Or I can burn 180 miles of fuel. Amazon for me!

  1. well, you might have posted this earlier. the place i could have gone was D.C. but that was yesterday.
    In the future you might want to post these things in advance of the first dates. with enough lead time for people to make plans to go.

  2. I hope lots of people read this book, and a lot of good reviews get ‘out there.’ Judging from comments I read yesterday – based on a sketchy article about Dee in the news – most people see her as a ‘parasite’ or ‘not the kind of friend you want to keep long term.’ So sad, because she’s really the opposite.

    • Most people would see that Ms Williams is very lucky indeed to have friends who allow her to camp in their backyard and use their amenities
      Good for her.

  3. Started reading and loving it! For people looking to buy it, I bought at my local indie bookstore in Salem, OR AND you can buy it online through most indie bookstores. Book Bin in Salem, Powell is Portland or on indiebound website.

  4. Perhaps I have been mistaken but I thought this site was about people sharing their love for the tiny house movement, regardless their personal life choices. If there is a litmus test for who is “in” and who is “out” in this following, then I, a seventy-two-year-old, midwestern, conservative woman who does not live in a tiny house or grow my own vegetables or reside on five acres off grid, must be unwelcome. I guess hate triumphs love even in tiny houses!

    • It’s really simple, Penny. Knock up a small cubby without plumbing – put it on wheels and find yourself a friend who doesn’t mind your continued unkempt presence in their backyard — while you spend the time in and out of their house to use the shower and kitchen facilites… perhaps even watching their TV with them in the evenings. Remember to place a ‘kitchenette’ in one corner of said cubby, where you may be able to heat up a tin of soup (but not much else) in the event your benevolent friend happens to stay out late one night and the main house is locked up.

      Make sure that you post endless videos on youTube announcing your minimalistic lifestyle and living ‘off grid’ and the joy of having no mortgage and being content to live with nothing more than a small Navajo blanket you constructed with your own navel lint for those cold nights in the loft

      Now you’re set. You’ll have amassed a large following on Youtube comprising various individuals who graduated in the top 90% of their class. It’s time to start churning out those self-help books! 😉

      • ” nothing more than a small Navajo blanket you constructed with your own navel lint ”

        heeee . now that is funny.

        …hmm…maybe a website selling a line of navel lint textiled goods….maybe expand into premium navel lint from free range monks that eat their own navel lint and…..

    • Penny, the site is indeed about sharing a love for tiny. How tiny you choose to go is up to you 🙂 My personal choice doesn’t involve growing my own vegetables nor mooching from friends for resources ( I pay my share, thank you ) nor creating endless videos about the subject. There are poisonous people everywhere that will judge others simply for the fact they refuse to live cookie-cutter existences. If Dee has found loving friends that support her by letting her use space they are happy to share, and she wants to share that joy, I’ll partake in it. The videos are requests from numerous interested parties that don’t want to be confined to traditional lifestyles. When I tire of the videos, I turn them off. Which is what I recommend for some of these naysayers.

  5. Looks great! I’d love to check it out. I admire her for what she did. Sending Loving kindness to those who don’t understand her and therefore but her down. May they find their method to their intended essence. Just because you don’t have the same opinions or beliefs as somebody else or wouldn’t want to live their lifestyle doesn’t mean they are wrong or stupid. It’s just that, a different belief or lifestyle. If you don’t agree with it, don’t read about it or do it yourself. The world is made of different people and I’m grateful for that. What a BORING world it would be if we all acted and thought alike, huh? ; )



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