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Dispelling Five Myths About Off Grid Living

With the crisis in our country and the growth in the tiny house movement, there are many who are looking for a way to decrease their environmental impact and have the ability to be off-grid capable so they can pack up their tiny house and move freely without the need to be hooked up. While […]

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Modern Tiny Bedroom Trends

If you’re living in a small space such as a studio apartment, or sharing your dorm with a roommate — you understand how a tiny bedroom can cramp your style. Or maybe you’re a parent looking to make the most of your kids’ small room or a spare room you’d like to turn into a […]

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Tiny House Villages and the Tiny House Magazine

Where do I park my tiny home once I have it? This is one of the biggest questions that is asked by potential tiny house owners. Tiny house villages or communities are one option. However, finding out where they are can be a challenge. Jill Kanto struggled with this problem by first searching on Google […]

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