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Hey All!

Its been a busy two weeks, from teaching a Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop in Nashville, TN (what a great city, and great group!), to shooting and hosting a few days for an HGTV program, working on a new tiny, tiny, trailer house project (to bring to the Yestermorrow Fair in Vermont), continuing work on a plan set with David Stiles (one of MY favorite author/architects), AND finally finishing THIS video of Steve Sauer’s 182 square foot guest house in Seattle!

Christopher Smith (“Tiny: The Movie“, which is GREAT!) and I actually shot this well over a year ago, but time and funds to complete these have been scarce… fact, we’re looking for two small sponsors on our next 4-5 mini videos…kidcedar at

Anyway, I hope you dig this new video- as jet lagged as we were, it was great fun hanging out at Steve’s place! I’ve included some behind the scenes photos too, as the cameraman never gets any love…

If you missed it, here’s another recent video too, from Joe Everson and Tennessee Tiny Homes….and….Jay Shafer and I are working on a tiny house hip-hop video (seriously!)- we’ve already hit a studio outside Boston a few weeks ago (Acoustack Studios in Hull, MA), and we’ll be looking for YOUR help, cameos, and more, soon……its going to be fun, and a chance for us to showcase a ton of tiny houses from the various people and builders we love – all in one video.

Oh, also, check out my new (finally!) facebook group at

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

in the loft


living area

the guys

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DJ - June 2, 2013 Reply

Both of these are amazing and so different in many ways, but both have such a spot-on spatial design. I must say how much I love the little Outhouse. The gentleman from Tennessee Tiny Homes not only has an amazing sense of how to spatially design such a small space, but has also made it visually so appealing inside and out. My hat is off to you, sir.

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