Vermont Tiny Houses Workshop

Wendy just emailed this to me today so very short notice and I have not had time for Kasey to proof my post. I felt I should get this out to you anyway so if you see any errors just blame me.

This workshop is being conducted on Wendy’s property this coming weekend. September 21 and 22 in Glover, Vermont.

Peter King of Vermont Tiny Houses ( is the facilitator.

It’s actually Peter’s largest house, a 16 x 20 building, which is quite large by ‘tiny’ standards. Still, it would be great for those with minimal funding and who are starting out, as it’s a basic building workshop, just the frame, sheathing, and roof, and what people need to start out on a budget. He conducts them to help folks learn how to live debt-free and environmentally conscious. It’s educational in that he brings a good library of books with him for people to look at, and some that others might not consider (older books).

If folks are in the area or have the time, they are more than welcome to come join. Fairly low cost, limited amenities in the area, but camping on site for those interested.

Get all the details at Peter’s website.

Wendy is trying to keep a blog of the process although she is a little behind at the moment. She will catch up with all the pictures and data on the build, which can be seen at at this link.

Below is a video from a previous Peter King workshop.

5 thoughts on “Vermont Tiny Houses Workshop”

  1. So wish I could attend this! My family has a summer house not 20 mins from Glover on Lake Willoughby but it’s my dream to live in VT year round!

  2. Humm… I’m curious to the foundation reinforcement to resist lateral forces, uplift, and over-turning moment? Where we are in northern California, earthquake and sometimes wind forces are a major safety concern.

  3. Hello Kent,
    I love your Tiny House magazine, in fact I have a new Magcast coming out next month on building Straw Bale houses. One of my articles is on tiny houses. We are sort of in a similar niche. I hope we will support each other.
    I had a small problem with my webpage so it is not up yet but will be in a week.
    Take care and enjoy your little house.

  4. I wish I had more notice. I’m in Williston Vermont and a carpenter. I would have loaned my skills for a good cause.
    How involved was the permitting process in Glover?
    I plan to build a home similar to this for myself soon. I think we can make a great deal of progress for the housing problem here in Vermont using this very model.
    The home looks great guys. Maybe you can have an open house soon. I hoped your blessed with all the greatest future memories you will make in your Tiny House.


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