Tiny Houses, Beekeeping and Blacksmithing

Tiny House Magazine Issue 39

Tiny house living opens up many kinds of unusual opportunities for employment and recreation.

Alan Hussey Jr. says “The romance of a bygone era, along with the curiosity and intrigue of age old crafts, shaped the person I am today. I was fascinated with the 19th century growing up: the technologies of the time and hands-on way-of-life. The craftsmanship and attention to every detail of even the most ordinary, mundane objects fascinated me — the details that today would be taken for granted or even ignored.”

Alan has taken this love of craftsmanship and has started blacksmithing. Over the centuries, this skill has been known as “The King of All Trades.” Alan’s wife Anne also picked up the interesting craft of beekeeping.

A tiny Japanese woman is taking over the world of personal organization. If you have not heard of the KonMari Method, look at any YouTube channel about decluttering and the diminutive Marie Kondo will appear. Christina tells us more about this in her monthly contribution.

Check this and much more out in Issue 39 of the Tiny House Magazine.

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