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July 20, 2018

Tiny House Magazine Issue 67

Boomers Go Tiny

When I first started blogging and getting stats on the Tiny House Blog in 2007 I was a bit surprised to learn that over 50 percent of my audience were women over 50. Step forward 11 years and the Tiny House Movement is seeing a huge growth both in interest and in the actual use of tiny houses for the Baby Boomer Generation.

Tiny home communities seem poised to take a huge chunk out of the “Senior Living” establishments of today.

The 400-600 square foot abodes have attracted the attention of lifestyle community developers who see a way to provide affordable luxury living for the aging Baby Boomer population.

Attracted to “right sized” housing by the promise of living well but without debt, they are also ready for the support of community life but aren’t interested in senior living centers and are far from the need for assisted living.

As a member of this group I see myself fitting into this excellent way to right-size my life at retirement. How about you?

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