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Guest Post by Steven Harrell

About two years ago I learned about the tiny house movement through Tiny House Blog. The more I learned the more I wanted to know and see. Before long I found myself wanting a tiny house for myself.

I searched around the net and found lots of tiny house builders. The problem was there was no central place I could search for tiny homes being sold.

So I decided to create TinyHouseListings.com. People wanting to buy or rent tiny homes can browse through listings in there area. They can also signup for the newsletter to be notified when new listings appear on the site.

Tiny house builders, owners and landlords can post listings to the site for a small fee. Although the site is still new, it already receives hundreds of visitors daily. Tiny House Blog readers can post their listings for free by entering the coupon “tinyhousecoupon“.

My hope is that this site will help bring tiny house buyers, sellers and renters together and help add even more steam to the tiny house movement.

If you have any questions for me or ideas on how to improve the site, please send them to steven@tinyhouselistings.com. Thanks.

16 thoughts on “Tiny House Listings Website”

  1. It’s looking good! I think you’ve hit on a little (no pun intended) niche not yet covered. I think the key will be getting as many photos as you can for each listing.

  2. Finally!!

    Maybe in the future include certain campers or RVs? Just an idea since some tiny houses are also on trailers.


  3. Beautifully done site. Obviously they spent some time to get it right. The interface is clean and easy to use. I hope they don’t fall into the trap that so many sites do and add doodads and geegaws everywhere that take away from the main point – matching buyers and sellers.

    Keep it simple folks, you’re on the right track.

  4. You should make a facebook page too so that those overseas could join the group and get updates if looking for something in the US. Maybe it could even go international and you could have listings in Europe and other places too?! Great idea. I’m hoping that Tiny and Small Houses take off here in Australia. My 13you daughter is facinated by them, she likes designing houseplans and this has sparked her imagination.

  5. I want/need a tiny house and I’d like to find a least/own property preferably in Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky…I guess Im open to anywhere. I’m on disability and limited income and this would be my lifetime home.

  6. Love tiny houses.I used to work in a mobile home plant.Built many mobile homes and enjoyed the experience very much.I wish I could be part of the building process of tiny homes.I think that the same idea of affordabilty could make building and selling these wonderful tiny homes very profitable.Though buying and living in an rv could serve the same basic purpose.I am absolutely obsessed with tiny homes.Because they look like houses instead of over priced tin cans on wheels.But I must give credit to rv builders for their use of space.Their products and ideas can be incorporated into tiny houses to make them very functional.


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