Tiny House Infographic

tiny house infographic

A week ago people from all corners of the world participated in Tiny House Survey where we wanted to compare how people in tiny houses compared to the rest of America. What started out as a simple question, lead to more than 2,400 people responding! We were so humbled and excited by the response that we wanted to do something special. So we wanted to make an infographic about people who live in Tiny Houses.

What is an infographic?
Infographics are a visual way to share data about an interesting topic. Instead of boring graphs and spreadsheets, we are working with a graphic designer to tell the story with color and vivid graphics. You can find many examples of Infographics on the web to get an idea of what we hope to put together.

How kickstarter works:
Kickstarter is a crowd funding website, meaning that the community comes together to help fund an interesting project. The trick with it is that you must set a goal, if you meet that goal in the allotted time (for us 14 days), then you get the money. If you fall short of that goal, even a dollar short, you get nothing, not one penny. So its really important to reach that goal in under two weeks.

So we invite you to join us in telling the tale of tiny house people, but we also have some neat rewards for your help in our project!

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