Tiny Homes a 4 Week Hands-On Workshop

Tiny homes are very popular and justly so. Scaling your living space to your lifestyle and your passion for the environment are choices that resonate with many people. In this class our goal is help you develop the skills you will need to efficiently build a tiny home with sustainable materials. We will cover the construction of the basic structure, framing, cladding, roofing and the installation of windows and doors. We’ve designed this class for individuals who are looking to build their own home or who may lead a crew in community tiny home building projects.

What make this course unique?

Traditional techniques in a contemporary context:
Our instructors bring with them the knowledge from building gypsy wagons and timber framed structures to show how those techniques can be applied to a tiny house.We will build the house using bents rather contemporary framing techniques and sheath the structure in solid wood rather than plywood. Both these techniques talk to the possibility of using locally sourced materials.

Hybrid woodworking:
Building off the grid? Learning to use hand tool for construction and joinery, balanced sensibly with the power tools you’ll need to be efficient.

Hands on experience:
There is no substitute for hands on experience. After four weeks, you’ll leave with the skills and confidence to do it yourself, a better understanding of what you are looking for in a tiny house design, and how to execute it successfully.

Quality and craftsmanship:
We emphasize quality, attention to detail, considering impact and longevity, and working to high standards for lasting work. Our instructors are experienced craftspeople who recognize the value of passing on their skill set to the next generation of woodworkers. We strive to connect you with others who have a passion for craftsmanship and tiny houses.

We’re committed to passing on the living tradition of woodworking–rooted in techniques that create lasting results and instilling the values and practices of fine craftsmanship, sustainability, and creative expression.

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