Take a Tour of a Treehouse

Take a Tour of a Treehouse and a Tree Playhouse
Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 10:00am

Join Rachel Fowlkes for a tour of her magical houses in the trees.

The main treehouse (with 2 bedrooms, bath, fireplace and kitchen) is featured in New Treehouses of the World by Peter Nelson (copies are available for purchase at Zazzy’Z, 380 E. Main St., Abingdon or on Amazon.com) and an additional tree playhouse has been built recently.

All will meet in Room 226 at the Southwest VA Higher Education Center for a brief presentation and then organize into carpools and drive to the site. Please try and carpool if possible. Wear walking shoes and dress according to the weather. Keep posted to any schedule changes – rain may necessitate cancelling or postponing the trip due to the condition of the dirt roads.

To register for the treehouse tour, visit www.swcenter.edu and click on the W.A.L.L. (Weekend Adult Lifetime Learning) link under Educational Opportunities.
You may also contact Kim Stewart at 276-619-4380 or kstewart@swcenter.edu.

Location of tour is in southwest Virginia near I-81.

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Hazel - September 28, 2010 Reply

And for those of us from far away…can we have a peek after the tour? 😉

Deek - September 28, 2010 Reply

Very cool- is this one that Nelson built? Looks his style somewhat. Either way, its a beautiful set-up. Congrats

and “Tiny Yellow House” TV

Damon - September 29, 2010 Reply

I will not be able to attend but would love to see photos and detailed descriptions from attendees re: power, year-round habitation, costs, etc. Oooh, I wish I could attend!!! 🙂

Lara Clark - September 30, 2010 Reply

I would love to go, but live across the country. However, in summer 2011 I will be very close by you… can we contact you then about visiting?

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